Thursday, February 08, 2007

Boycott Blacks

Let's boycott Blacks !

So I go to Brent Cross Shopping Centre along roads devoid of snow and ice earlier this evening. Once inside all the shops were open and doing a reasonable trade for a cold, post - sales, Thursday evening. I had intended to purchase one two items for next weeks Trek.

I arrive at that well-known camping outlet called Black's at around 7 minutes past seven. A full 53 minutes before the Centre normally closes and to my horror there is a handwritten sign on the door - "Due to the severe weather and traffic conditions, we have decided to close at 7pm". I explained to the member of staff who was keeping the glass door closed that there are no awkward traffic conditions or severe weather. He just looked at me and just shrugged his shoulders. No apology or proper explanation. When I tried to engage him once more he just turned away. What a pathetic weed and a po-faced little twit he was. How dare he treat prospective customers with such disdain.

In the morning, Blacks head office will hear about this. If you decide to close your doors to customers, then customers will go elsewhere. Typical England, typical English service. Bet Sir Phillip Green (above) wouldn't put up with that crap from a member if his staff.

"severe weather" - they wouldn't know severe weather was if it got up and smacked them in the mouth. A touch ironic from a firm who promote all-weather gear.



Disillusioned and Bored said...

I entirely agree with you. It is ridiculous how quickly the UK descends into pseudochaos at the tiniest whiff of bad weather.

Tisha! said...

such a provocateur! just love it!!!

blinbo said...

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James Higham said...

Jeremy, this is the sort of thing which will lose them custom long-term. Long after the incident has been forgotten, the bad taste will still remain. So sorry it hppened to you because I imagine you were kitting yourself out for the trek. How many days to go?

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Not really, I've got most of the kit. I was, and still am, after a few minor items like iodine tablets.

You're spot on James, I'll never recommend Blacks to anybody. Smaller, independent retailers are best.

I'm off next Friday.