Saturday, December 01, 2007

Spy Blog

London, UK

This is an interesting find and a good read too. If you are concerned about civil liberties and "Big Brother" type issues then bookmark it.


Unknown said...

Hiya Jeremy
nice piccie yu have posted on the bottom of your blog here lol

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Thanks. Messrs Burch and Gabay think it's good too.

Unknown said...


Hello once again I just watched the entire segment of SQtv you have posted. Might I say you have a wonderful speaking voice & boyish grin!~ brilliant.
Is SQtv like ITV? I was interviewed for ITV in 02 Sheffield before the Paul McCartney concert great fun!The media is very different I must say than here in the states, not as serious my opinion, and more friendly. You do a bit of everything "very cool beans" indeed.
Please keep me posted if you happen on Paul McCartney, Beatles or music related segments you might feature.
ta and thanx for the link.

Harleyblues is me Christina