Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How To Leave A Compelling Voice Message

London, UK

Have you noticed that there are days when it feels you only ever get through to voicemails? And no-one ever wants to leave a message on voicemail do they? I mean, it isn’t like they will want to call you back, is it? Who would dream about calling back a sales-person or an aspiring tv presenter or public-speaker? Well actually, they might depending on the message you leave. You need to word your message carefully to spike the prospect’s interest.

“I saw an advertisement for your company in such-and-such place, or I saw a listing for your company online, and wondered what you actually do? Could you call me back with more information please?”

When they call you back, it is then your job to build rapport, ask them about their company, what they do, how they do it. Explain what you do only when they ask, and at this point you should have built enough of a relationship with the prospect to be able to pitch an appointment or to make a sale. You could even ask if they know of anyone else you could contact who might be interested in your business. At the very least you have created a warm lead to call back in the future. Nothing gets you by the gate-keeper quicker than “I am returning Mr. Smith’s call.”

Make sure to put your personality in your call, make it as much fun as possible, and be interesting and positive. Remember to speak as if you were talking to a friend. After all, they have called YOU, you are in charge of the conversation and you want them to desire to continue talking to you, don’t you?

Always make sure to keep a note of voicemails you have made, so that when the call is returned, you know exactly what was said, and you are not left unsure of what you are doing or saying.

It is also a good idea to keep a note of interesting facts you have seen on their website, so when they are telling you about what they do, you can interject and ask relevant questions or make interesting points.

Be fearless in your cold-calling, and you will find success beckons you.

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