Thursday, May 22, 2008

Know your Audience

London, UK

This was posted over on my other site last year. As a speaker, corporate host or presenter, it's so important to know your audience and to be tactful.

2 things not to do when public-speaking
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Trevor Phillips, who chairs the Commission for Racial Equality was left with egg on his face after making a terrible gaffe whilst attending a function on the Queen’s official birthday on Saturday. His was a guest speaker at the Imperial College London’s Centenary Ball when he made a joke about the Queen Mother and her colostomy bag. Guests were shocked and disgusted at his ill-considered joke.
I’ve heard Trevor Phillips speak before and he doesn’t strike me as someone who would make such a basic error. If you are asked to entertain an audience with a joke or funny story then make absolutely sure you won’t offend anybody. Ask beforehand if necessary and if in doubt cut it out. The other golden rule is KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE.

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