Friday, December 15, 2006

A Top Tip for getting along with the opposite sex.

1. Encourage them to Blog more.................

..............and that's exactly what I'll be doing with a certain young lady from Planet Thanet. The very charming Frances Oapen (above) has reconsidered her decision not to abandon her many friends in the Blogosphere.

I'm hoping for a face to face meeting with her at a certain football match on Boxing Day. You see ladies and gentlemen, Ramsgate FC, having clawed their way out of football's sewers have reached a level where they can now play, at their quaint(NOT) home ground of Southwood, their most famous neighbours, Margate FC.

(For my Maasai Mara Trek, I hope to be taking several football shirts. These will be handed out to local children, along with some other items. If I'm lucky, on Boxing Day, I'll pick up a Ramsgate FC shirt. I'm already on a promise to receive a couple from Arsenal, Man Yoo, and wait for it, one from Tonbridge Angels).

For the first time in 34 years the two clubs go head-to-head in a league encounter. In football season 1972/3, Ted "the traitor" Heath was PM, Iain Dale was still at school and Eastcliffe Richard was trying to make it in Hollywood ( or was it Cricklewood).


CP said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by!

My son in law lives in England. Nottingham to be precise. He'll be moving here in June.

Nice to meet you!


Anonymous said...

Steady on Jacobs old bean! No sooner has this young lady got over some most unwelcome blog abuse than you are in like Flynn bragging about your conquest prospects (which seem to be nil). You're all over her like a rash. Pull yourself together man!

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Don't be absurd. I was pointing out the fighting spirit this young woman clearly has. Besides you ought to read her Blog and comments before spouting here.........capiche!

I thank you.

("Pull youself togeether" that most vile of Anglo-Saxon statements.)

Anonymous said...

Yes, calm down a little, but I'm delighted she is sticking with the blogging and have added her to my blogroll, good to have a few more women I can chat to on different subjects. Is her favourite topic men?
If she likes football and blogging, I can see why she is a dream come true for you, but one step at a time, take heed of Sir Garwin's advice. She does look stunning though, and I can see why you are smitten.

Colin Campbell said...

Thanks for the link. I am happy to understand what it is to be Chavy now. Having taken to quiz to confirm I am 33 percent Chavy, I put it down to the Scottish working class side of my family.

William Lovett said...

Those Thanet bloggers are funny as, if I didnt know better I'd swear it was all the same person!

Anyone seen them all in the same room together?

Jeremy Jacobs said...

No - but I think you're labouring under a massive misapprehension

James Higham said...

...For my Maasai Mara Trek, I hope to be taking several football shirts...

Plus Frances Oapen. Now have you packed your heart medicine, even if you are too young, debonaire and dashing?

Anonymous said...

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