Thursday, December 21, 2006

Top Tips for Blogging

These were outlined by a charming young lady from Adelaide called Beerli. Her Blog is known as The Talk of the Town.

The charming young lady on the left is supermodel, Kaja Wunder, who's the co-founder of The Button Club.

Ten tips for blogging

1. The length of the post is irrelevant. It’s the content and it’s a bit hard to judge sometimes what will take off. Readers often like different and quirky, but they also like to get stuck into some meatier subjects.

2. Pictures help. Readers react to pictures and it’s often the ones which stir a memory, capture the imagination or make them laugh which get the reactions.

3. One day you will go to your blog and you will feel sick. You will not want to blog. It’s like aversion therapy. Some people delete their blogs or blogs are left hanging in space. Know this will happen, that it feels awful but that it will pass.

4. Blog holidays are good. After a week’s break you come back just popping!

5. Get a stat counter which lets you see who visits. It is so exciting to know that someone has come in from Thailand or Greece. It really cheers you up to know there are people in far flung corners who come to read your blog.

6. Get an RSS feed going. It does improve the traffic.

7. Join places like Blog Lines, Blog Explosion and Blogshares. It gets your blog known, it makes you feel like a somebody and it helps you to create the connections which you wish to make.

8. Some of the best bloggers I have come to value suddenly just stop blogging. It can be very upsetting and you wonder what has happened. Expect to feel attached and be ready for the separation anxiety.

9. Don’t be frightened to ask for help if you don’t know how to do something or what something means. The blogosphere is full of kind , helpful people who do not make you feel stupid.

10. Link away! Ask to link your blog, let others link to you. That network can be crucial at times.

I think this is a useful list of do's for blogging. I also would like to add that Blog templates and the colours used therein are important considerations, particuarly if you are going to be "monetizing" your Blog.

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