Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Day at the Seaside

London, UK

It was most pleasant to be driven the 80 or so miles by my nephew from the smoke to the seaside. My father and some glorious sunshine greeted us. Luncheon was taken at the reasonably priced Minnis Bay restaurant. Then a tour took in West Bay for an hour or two's basking before the The Captain Digby (how that place has changed) was reached for a quick drink, then a return trip to Westgate-on-Sea via this wonderful sunset view of Margate Harbour. (No wonder Turner was inspired)

Having gulped down a cup of ordinary white coffee (remember those days) I then stared in amazement at my fathers ability to finish off the most absurd looking cappuccino. This consisted of an ordinary white coffee with a dollop of "spray cream", you know the one you get from a can, shoved on top. A smattering of chocolate powder was then liberally applied. One was then expected to drink it. Over the squarking of black-headed seagulls, one could hear the whine of "estuary English" from those who had come "darn to Margit" to retire. As a child growing up in Margate, one would be more likely to hear a softer, more genteel, turn of phrase. Sadly, this is now rare.

A Mr Brookbanks of Chandler's Ford wrote a wonderful letter to the Times last week. He was lamenting the passing of "Crusha" milkshake flavours and in particular, lime. (His letter would have won easily won letter of the month in my "Disappearing Britain" section). I seem to remember those being sold at various establishments along the seafront years ago. The very efficient manager of the West Bay Cafe said (after I had asked whether he had any) "sorry mate, there's no call for it". How about banana, chocolate or strawberry? I responded in the negative and he then scurried off carrying his tray of empty cups and used napkins.

"No call for it indeed". Of course, if you wanted another helping of bacon & eggs or chips, chips and chips then zoom along (when weather permits) to the West Bay Cafe. Bring back Crusha lime milkshake!!

No wonder obesity and sloth are rife in Margate.

Yours truly at Minnis Bay


Lord Likely said...

I look forward to the day the high-flying coffee culture fully integrates with the more traditional fish supper side of Margate, resulting in Chippuccinos for everyone!

Liz said...

Surely you can still get Crusha?! I am shocked.

I was told yestrday about someone visiting Yorkshire asked in a cafe if he could get an espresso. 'Not in Hull you can't.'