Thursday, October 04, 2007

Words Fail Me

London, UK

But these 17 don't. Seen at Bobbin Beam Blog (Voice-over)

I enjoy motivational books, programs, speakers, and topics. Basically any motivating strategy that can inspire me to meet my goals is fundamental to my life.

I am always on a quest to conquer my goals. I keep lists of them, large and small, and I try to accomplish something daily to meet them.

If you use your imagination, and visualize yourself doing something, it is entirely attainable. I keep the following little card in my wallet with the following 17 words and focus on one or more that seem to jump ut at me on any given day:

Choose Believe Persist

Smile Accept Prepare

Forgive Relax Care

Listen Act Focus

Pray Trust Change

Wait Risk

"Persist" is my middle name.

Jeremy Jacobs - Corporate Presenter

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Angela Maiers said...

I love this post! Sometimes it is the simplest things that have the power to make the most profound differences. What a great idea. Is the number 17 significant? This would be a great conversation piece for others to share their trigger words for personal success. Thanks for the inspiration. I am makin' my list today!