Thursday, October 11, 2007

No to Search Engine Optimization?

London, UK

Once again Graham Jones has highlighted how ineffectual Search Engine Optimization can be. In his latest article, Graham highlights that if you want to get up the rankings, then add content, content and more content. What's interesting is that Graham suggests that it can be any content.

I agree with him on this point. When I've had a break from blogging, Google Analytics shows a drop in my readership. Is this your experience too? Or do you feel that highly focused content is best?


Ellee said...

I tend to use StatCounter to keep a check on this, but don't follow it that closely. What I do notice when I look is that my missing people posts get lots of hits every day, that the names these missing young people are typed in as "key words". Every day someone is searching on the internet about these sad stories, what does that tell you?

Marianne's Keyboard said...

Not really into all this stuff yet. Can you explain further?

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Nick said...

If you look at the top 100 site across the Internet i.e. BBC, CNN you'll see the reason they get the most traffic is that they have the most content. Linking this content so its contextually linked is your best approach

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Getting linked from a big outfit like CNN will do nicely!