Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A new Jewish radio station

A new Jewish radio station is about to hit the airwaves,
and we hope you will play your part in making it a success!
As from 7am on Sunday 28th October, Jcom will be broadcasting through the internet ( with programmes created for every section of the community.
The station has a full schedule of features covering news,
phone-ins, interviews, music, sports, food, religion, travel, comedy, children’s interests and lifestyles.
For the first four weeks (28th Oct – 24th Nov), Jcom will also be
broadcasting across North West London on 101.4m on FM.
The station very much hopes this will be a prelude to getting
a full-time licence for radio broadcasting, and expects to make
an application to the radio regulator, OFCOM, which controls
such matters, at the earliest possible opportunity.
If all goes to plan, 2008 will herald the UK’s first full-time,
permanent Jewish station – something we all agree is long overdue.
Fifty presenters, producers and other volunteers are working tirelessly to create a community radio station, but there is always an opportunity for you to get involved – it could just be a hobby, or turn into a whole new career!
Individuals and organisations can become members of Jcom,
and the broadcasts and website provide a unique route
for advertisers and sponsors to reach the Jewish audience.

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Kristee said...

Mazel Tov! I will tune in to your show via the net. Can I click and catch your show archived or do we need to catch it live?


Ellee said...

Congratulations on becoming a radio star. I hope you can save them as podcasts we can play them back. I know you will be superb, I hope it is a great success.