Saturday, March 17, 2007

Guest Blogging at Ellee Seymour

Ellee Seymour very kindly asked me to post something about my recent Trek in Africa on behalf of Breast Cancer Campaign.

Guest blogger today is Jeremy Jacobs writing about his cathartic trek in the Maasai foothills to boost funds for the Breast Cancer Campaign following the tragic young death of his sister Jackie.

How have you marked the death of someone close? My family bought a wooden bench in memory of my father and added a plaque with his name. It is in the grounds of Walsingham shrine in Norfolk where he found much comfort, especially towards the end of his life.

I sponsored Jeremy’s trek with a cash donation and also posted him some of my son’s football strips to hand out to local schoolchildren, hope they liked the Tottenham Hotspurs and Manchester United shirts.

This is Jeremy’s story:


Dr Michelle Tempest said...

It was a great post. Thanks for it. Well done! Michelle

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Thanks Michelle. Your feedback is appreciated.