Sunday, March 26, 2006

Mothering Sunday - March 26th, 2006

Now how many of you remembered it was that day today? Easy for me 'cos it coincides with her birthday. That meant only one bunch of flowers, not two. Heavens, how mean spirited of me! The grandchildren came over - Emma, James and Claire and then lunch was taken at the much improved Pandora's Box bistro. This place is adjacent to some well known stables. I avoided the meat dishes!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Forgotten Battle, Forgotten War?

Yesterday my father attended a luncheon in Margate, organised by his local Burma Star Association. About 100 people turned up, some with partners and as every year now passes, fewer and fewer attend these types of functions. "Burma?", I hear you say. Most WW2 recollections are to do with the Battle of Britain, El-Alamein or how the Americans dominated proceedings at Normandy in 1944. The "forgotten" Far East conflict rarely gets a mention. Everthing seems to centre around Hiroshima and the privations of the Japanese people.......... and apart from that bridge over the River Kwai, I can't think of a film or recent documentary about the events at Kohima between April and June, 1944. This terrible battle (some of it played out over tennis courts) was remembered once again yesterday. Those who witnessed the carnage, like my father, were asked to remain seated. Dad told me that this bought a tear to his eye, as most around him, stood. Our generation, and those who are to follow, really ought to reflect on how some of our relatives fought so bravely to give us our "tomorrow's"

The photo above shows my father at his recent 80th, or was it 90th Birthday celebrations. My neice Emma is sitting next to my father. On the other side are my friends Sharon (Shaz) and Paul who came for the trip to Sandwich on January 7th.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Charity Fashion Show

Last April, I had the privilege of speaking on behalf of Breast Cancer Campaign at a charity fashion show in Surrey. The event was organised by Julianne Finucane ( on my immediate left ) and Faith Brown was the main attraction. The event raised thousands for BCC and I'm delighted to have been asked to speak again at a similar event next month.

Ignorance is Bliss

At the local cafe in Euston last week, somebody asked me what Blogging was....." ain't that something you do on Hackney Marshes or somefin' " - in future, I must be careful who I engage with.......................

more on ignorance - the country this morning, is awaiting with bated breath, a financial report being given by Labour's Chief Treasurer, Jack Dromey ( Trade Union heavy, made good). He feels let down that he was made unaware of the "donations" given to New Labour before last years General Election. I guess the question on all our lips "is New Labour more sleazy than the last Conservative government"...........answers on a postcard to 3rd washroom along, Victoria Station...........................

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Beware the Ides of March!!!

Well it's nearly 4pm on the afternoon of the 15th - and yes, I'm still here. I haven't been stricken by some awesome illness, or been hit by the "Number 11" bus. Or should that be Bendybus? Good ol' Ken.
In fact, today has been most uplifting. As ever, met some talented individuals at Steve Blacknell's amazing Network Experience. This group which meets in London's West End is full of media people looking for new opportunities. It's a a great forum for sharing ideas and telling a few dodgy jokes. You know, one never knows who one is going to meet - people seem to appear at the right time to solve a problem or to introduce you to a new idea. The power of networking. Never knock it!!

The photo is one of me outside Valencia railway station in the summer of 2003. The weather when I went back there a couple of weeks ago was somewhat different! ( Did you notice the Valencia orange? )

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Thank God for Barry

Whilst trying to get to grips with my new Blogger account, my trusted "odd-job" man, Barry G. has successfully put up some new lighting and other items in my North London dwelling. I've known Barry for quite a few years now. Always reliable. How many of you out there have horror stories about builders?