Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tips on using a Lectern

London, UK

Last year a link was posted on this site to Lisa Braithwaite's blog. She was discussing the pro's and con's of using a lectern. Just recently her post was mentioned here. Take a look at the video.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tips On How To Begin Your Presentation.

London, UK

Depending on the type of audience and situation one is talking at, there are many ways to start a speech or presentation. Speaker Jason Peck outlines some of the best techniques for those occasions.

Ed. Another way is to start your speech with "the middle of your speech". Then do your introductions after a minute or so of content. This "delayed-drop" method can be effective.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

10 Tips For Using Twitter

London, UK

This article is one of several that appear on Graham Jones's excellent site

1. When you go to a meeting or you are listening to a presentation and you don’t quite understand what is being said, post a Tweet asking your question. Seconds later you will have several replies, without ever needing to have interrupted the speaker or broken the flow of the presentation.
2. If you are going to a new town, or you are in a different location to normal, ask if people have recommendations of where to eat. Someone will answer – and you may even find you have a dinner date as well...!

3. Need to make quick notes you can access later? Tweet away. Set up a second Twitter account and send “direct” messages to your main account. That way, when you get back into the office you’ll have your list of notes already for you.

4. By posting regular hints and tips on your particular subject, you’ll get more visitors back to your web site. A daily tip in 100 characters and then a link back to your web site will really start to build your traffic.

5. Start following famous or respected people in your field. They may follow you and you will also be able to see who they follow. In this way you will become associated with the thought leaders on your subject.

6. Set up a regular search term for Twitter content. Then look at the Tweets, click through to any links and comment on the articles. This will provide you with relevant links back to your web site, helping your search engine ranking.

7. Customer service messages is another great way of using Twitter. You can keep customers informed, minute by minute if some aspect of your service is in crisis, or needs attention. Often people complain that they were not kept informed – Twitter helps you ensure you achieve better communication in times of crisis.

8. Use Twitter to give your business personality. Some of the most successful businesses in the world are where people “know” the boss – Virgin, Dell, Microsoft, Ryanair. Most companies, though, are faceless. Twitter helps you put personality into your communications, bringing you more attention.

9. Follow journalists and then send them direct messages with announcements of your press releases. You may pick up some offline public relations in this way.

10. Search for problems your customers experience. Your clients may discuss their gripes with your products and services. Search for their Tweets, respond and build relationships.