Sunday, March 30, 2008

Web Videos

London, UK

A couple of weeks ago, I highlighted the success of Videotile the video production company who put live talking presenters on your website. Research has shown, that if you add video content to your website you will increase traffic and drive sales.
In his blog, Andy Woodruff, director of Webvideos Ltd, outlined this recent research from the USA:

In a recent study more than 75 percent of U.S. Internet users watched an online video during November 2007! We can conclude that when people are on the web, watching videos is a natural part of what they do - and we’re not talking pornography anymore! Why is that? People respond best to different senses - visual, oral or a combination - and only rich content like video can provide this online.

In the same report online viewers were found to have watched on average 3.25 hours of video per person per month - growing 30% year on year. This may not sound like a lot but in fact that's around 25% of the time spent by the average punter watching TV.

It's quite clear to me, videos that engage your potential customers, are now a must for business websites. And the key word is engage. It's crucial you choose an experienced video production company who have a credible track record of working with businesses and professional presenters.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Preparing for Auditions

London, UK

Last year on my other site, I posted the article below about how to prepare for a presenter audition.

As a young salesman many years ago, I strode into an office in the West End of London and requested to see the office manager. You see, I was attempting to get an appointment "off the street". This wasn't such a rare occurrence and to my delight, I was asked in and told by the gruff little man behind his huge desk, "you have one minute to tell me why I should buy a copier from you".

How many occasions has this sort of thing happened to you? Were you confident and well trained enough to reel off those benefits, not forgetting your USP? (the salespeople amongst you will know what I mean) Of course you were, weren't you?

The jump from salesman to presenter isn't so great as you may think. There are many transferable skills. The ability to learn scripts, absorb product information, and the determination and stamina to see things through are all vital in the field of corporate and tv presenting. Another pre-requisite of presenter success is the ability to learn 4 or 5 "pieces" you can deliver at auditions. These would be in addition to your 60 seconder. This is where you are asked (sometimes at very short notice) to "tell us about yourself ". This sort of thing is all the rage at those early morning business networking meetings.
Woe betide those who can't "deliver" what they're about in 60 seconds. The same applies to that ten second "elevator speech". You never know who might join you on your journey to the 22nd floor!

So, in order to knock 'em dead at any audition. Prepare, prepare, prepare.

Break a leg!

BTW, here's a gallant effort

Monday, March 24, 2008

Presenting and Networking

London, UK

My discussion with Andy Lopata on the radio earlier this month centred around "how to network correctly". It was a great radio show with plenty of positive feedback. In a couple of weeks time, another great networker and marketing/media guru, Jonathan Gabay will be joining me in the radio studio at JCom. Jonathan, Andy and I are great room workers, unlike Mr Buffoon, Mr Large and Mr Nerd. Read this from an article posted on this blog last July:

Tuesday, July 10, 2007
3 ways to ruin your chances at Business Networking

Earlier today, I attended a networking meeting in Central London, run by a well known organisation. There were around 100 or so people there from a variety of businesses. Many were interesting and good listeners, some less so but there were three individuals who really ought to learn the fundamentals of *networking. Here's those 3 "no noes" for starters:

TIP 1. Do not barge in on a "closed two".

Scene: I was in conversation with an executive of a well known company. All of a sudden from my left and overweight gentleman with an absurd tie said "hello" and started to ask a question of the executive. No rapport building or politeness. He even had the temerity to ask me to hold his glass of red wine. I put it on the nearest table, made an excuse and left the poor executive to handle "Mr Buffoon".

TIP 2. Never peer at name badges.

Scene: Two women and I were discussing business opportunities when we were approached by "Mr Nerd". He leant towards us three, peered at our name badges, then scuttled away after rambling on for a minute or so about the services he offered. Needless to say, my two new friends and I were most unimpressed. The title on his business card said "Head of Sales".

TIP 3. Remain sober and listen.

Scene: The three of us were joined by a fourth and things were going along really well until "Mr Large" turned up. Perhaps I should call him Mr Me, because that's all he was interested in - himself. Also, he was clearly drunk, rude and bellicose.

All three of these people, in my opinion, behaved in a socially inadequate manner. The Golden Rule of networking is to exhibit unconditional giving.

Marketing yourself as a TV Presenter

London, UK

The "tv presenter" video section on You Tube (UK) is currently awash with videos about a television presenter called Lucy Pinder. Take a look at the following clip. Ask yourself if Lucy would be better off presenting on her own, uploading a wider range of clips(see You Tube),or presenting herself in a different way? You decide:

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Boxing Night on JCom Radio

London, UK

Tomorrow night on my radio show "PressPlay", my guest will be Mike Jacobs, the former boxing referee. Mike will be talking about his best and worst moments in the ring and his views on the forthcoming Olympic Games.

Tune into "PressPlay" on JCom Radio, only on the Internet at

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008 at 10pm

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Patrick McGoohan at 80

London, UK

On BBC Radio 4 this lunchtime, was a programme on the 60's cult tv series "The Prisoner" starring Patrick McGoohan who turned 80 today.

The series was backed by Lew Grade. In all, only 17 episodes were made but they stand the test of time, are like no other and to this day is still a bit of a mystery (a bit like 2001 A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke who has just passed away at 90). McGoohan directed, produced and starred in the series which was shot, mainly at the Welsh seaside village of Port Merrion.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Prince Charles and LSQ TV

London, UK

Leicester Square Television sometimes operates without a presenter. Yesterday, the "fan-cam" team were at a cold Leicester Square for The Prince's Trust & RBS Celebrate Success Awards.

London: 18 March 2008
Royalty in the Square again. Kevin Spacey as well as Prince Charles drew a big crowd for an afternoon gig on a cold Tuesday in the middle of March.

Celebs in attendance:
HRH The Prince Of Wales
Kevin Spacey - Speed The Plow
Gwyneth Paltrow
Richard E Grant
Charlie Cox - Stardust
Leonard Roberts - Heroes
Lee Mead - Joseph
Damien Lewis
Kate Adie - TV Journalist
Talulah Riley - St Trinian's
Toby Anstis - Radio Presenter

3 more tips for radio broadcasting

London, UK

These apply whether you're gearing up for radio broadcasting, tv reporting or if you are a corporate host:

Originally posted in December, 2006:

Friday, December 15, 2006

Top Tips for Sports Broadcasting on Radio (3)

As you'll be likely to work for long stretches at a time, ensure that

1. You've had a good night's sleep beforehand, and

2. Eat properly.

Remember, you are a performer. Think and act like such.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Blog of the Week

Has to be Director Tom from the States. It's funny, full of good stuff and if you're into corporate video, you'll love it. I enjoyed reading his personal branding blog post. Read it for yourself here.

More and more companies and organisations are looking to use video in some form or another to promote their products and services. Soon, the brands will also have their own Web TV channels. It will really take off when IPTV becomes readily available. At LSQ TV, we're excited by the prospect.

World Voice Day - April 16th, 2008

London, UK

April 16th is World Voice Day and a chance for all of us to consider our vocal health. For actors, presenters, broadcasters and communicators it's essential that they take care of their voices.
If you go to the BVA (British Voice Association) website, there's a PDF you can download. It's called "Taking Care of your Voice". There's also an interesting article on Voice Production and Voice Care.

I've referred to the BVA in the past at my sister site, here

Sunday, March 16, 2008

10 Radio Broadcasting Tips

London, UK

Over the next few weeks, I'll be re-posting some radio broadcasting tips. Here's one from December 2006.

Saturday, December 09, 2006
Top Tips for Sports Broadcasting on Radio

Earlier today, I paid a visit to Sussex. No BBC TV haven't moved from London W12. Just my latest outing for BBC Radio Kent earlier today. Not Gillingham FC but Margate FC who were playing at Horsham.

Sports presenting on radio, as many of you know, is one of my great passions. It's fun and particuarly great when your broadcasting about your own team! It may sound easy but let me assure you that to be reasonably good at it, you'll need these qualities and characteristics:

The ability to write scripts under pressure.

Prepare in good time - and get there in good time!

Research the match you're covering.

Understand what's at stake.

Listen to and carry out instructions from your producer/anchor/editor.

Ensure all technical equipment is in good working order.

Understand the laws of libel , and how they relate to journalists.

Be tactful

Don't engage in polemical arguments.

Have a great radio voice

........and that's just for starters

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Videotile - adds life to your website

London, UK

It's always pleasing to hit the front page of an expanding video production company like Videotile. This video-production company, who are based in the North-West, add live talking characters to your website. I think you'll agree, it adds spice to what you have to say about your product or services.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

How to make your Purim Fancy Dress Party Special

As it is Purim Next Week you will need a great fancy dress costume, so go to

Purim is one of those times in the Jewish Calender that we allow ourselves to let our hair down and just enjoy a great party atmosphere.

Traditionally, the Purim party has always been a fancy dress party because we are taught that Esther disguised herself in order to protect her family and the Jewish community. So remember, the better the fancy dress costume you find, the better your fancy dress party at Purim will be.

Check out the specialists at Novelties 4 Parties and they will guarantee that your Purim party this year with some really fantastic children's fancy dress costumes Your party will be a party to remember!

Jennifer Jones on Eliot Spitzer

London, UK

USA blogger, Jennifer Jones wrote a wonderful article about the disgraced New York governer, Eliot Spitzer:

In case anyone is wondering, politicians who claim to be fabulous men who will clean up the filth in their state, but who are actually a contributing part of it; who lie, cheat, get involved with money laundering, and pay for prostitutes to travel to visit him in a fancy hotel are NOT great men.

And those who parade their wives in front of the world to further and publicly humiliate them while he tries to portray the image that she is not hurt, devastated, and embarrassed are even beyond jerks.

While we all make mistakes in life and no one is perfect, one has to wonder how a public figure with such power can allow himself to behave in such a truly disgusting manner.

Read the rest of her article here

Some people!

London, UK

To thine own self be true. (Nice to see Ian Wright presenting the show).

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Andy Lopata on JCom Radio this Sunday evening

London, UK

Networking guru, Andy Lopata will be my guest on "PressPlay" this Sunday evening on JCom Radio at 10pm. As many of you will know, Andy Lopata is co-author of "And Death Came Third"

Last week, Andy had a full-page spread in The Sun newspaper all about business networking.

JCom Radio, only available on the Internet at

"PressPlay" sponsored by Novelties4Parties

With Purim coming up, you are going to want a great fancy dress costume. Call them (in the UK) on 0845 862 0354 or check out their childrens costumes and guarantee that your Purim party is the best ever.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Climate Change Fraud

London, UK

Now here's a site to raise your blood pressure!

Ulrike Jonsson marries again

London, UK

So Ulrike marries again. Good for her I say. Some of you will remember her from a piece on my 2006 showreel

Inside Terminal 5

Looks pretty impressive. Perhaps "Tom Paine" and other frequent blogger/flyers have something to say. Personally, I think the Richard Rogers designed new terminal at Barajas looks more stunning.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

The European Union - a film for you to watch

London, UK

Are you sitting comfortably. Good - then click here

Advanced Blogging - Guest Posts

London, UK

There's a brilliant series of articles at TigerTwoTiger on advanced blogging. This new blog appears to be a great resource and may even surpass the excellent ProBlogger!

Guest posting has many advantages as the article points out. Last year, Ellee Seymour very kindly asked me to do an article about my charity trek in Tanzania.

Alan Caruba from the States, who, not only writes great posts but has also become a regular guest on my radio show. Very shortly, I hope to be posting an article from David from A Tangled Web

Portsmouth for the Cup!

London, UK

I've been saying for quite some time that Portsmouth have their name on the FA Cup. The south-coast team have only won the Cup once, in 1939. Also through to the semis are Cardiff City who famously beat Arsenal in the 1927 final. Barnsley, conquerors of Chelsea yesterday, captured the trophy in 1912. West Bromwich have won the Cup on 5 occasions and are expected to despatch Bristol Rovers later this evening.

UPDATE - West Brom beat Bristol Rovers 5-1 to reach the semi-finals.

It'll be the first time in 100 years that only one side from the top flight of football has reached the semi-finals of the FA Cup.

Blog of the Week

...............has to be the new offering from my colleagues at Leicester Square Television. Their blog highlights the previous premieres in Leicester Square together with other events in and around the area. Claire and I continue to be fortunate in presenting the best from London's West End which is set to continue unabatted throughout the year. Do you realise that I'll have to present, along with my fellow presenters, something in the region of 150 Premiers this year. That excludes the theatre and restaurant reviews we'll be involved with. Details of forthcoming film premieres can be found at Premier Hub. One celeb presenter I was hoping to catch up with last Thursday at the opening of "Make me a Song" was Myleene Klass. Unfortunately she was unable to make the event at the New Players Theatre.

Today, March 9th, in Leicester Square, there's a just preview for 10000 BC. So no red carpet! But of course, there will be plenty of glitz and glamour at The Cannes Film Festival in a few weeks time. Question is, will Jeremy Jacobs and Claire Bueno be presenting from the Croisette?

Global Warming is not a crisis

London, UK

In Chicago over the past few days, a conference has been held on global warming. Alan Caruba of the Anxiety Center went along. Here's his report in full

An Extraordinary Event

For the last two days, March 2-4, I and about five hundred other people attended the 2008 International Conference on Climate Change, including some of the world’s leading authorities on climatology, meteorology, economics, energy, and other fields of knowledge.

It was an extraordinary event, held in New York and sponsored by the Heartland Institute, a Chicago-based think tank that has been among those leading the effort to educate and inform the public about the mountain of lies that have led them to believe that the Earth is experiencing a huge increase in heat, a "global warming", that is allegedly the direct result of human activities, primarily from the use of energy that includes coal, natural gas, and oil.

The conference message is simplicity itself: There is no "consensus" on global warming. The science is not "settled." Indeed, this conference marks a highpoint in the effort to rescue the planet from people who regard their fellow human beings as a cancer afflicting the Earth.

This hoax, generated out of the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, actually included some IPCC members who have labored long and hard to dispute the IPCC reports on the basis of real science, not the spurious claims based largely on flawed and even deliberately false computer models.

In breakfasts, luncheons, and dinners, some of these now-famed global warming "dissenters" and "deniers" presented talks complete with power-point presentations filled with statistics and charts that disputed the alleged facts of the IPCC. These presentations were then augmented by a series of panels on paleoclimatology, climatology, the impacts of the global warming hoax, its affect on the economics of both developed and developing nations, and how it twists the politics of our nation and others.

What made this event so extraordinary was that it is, to my knowledge, the first time since the global warming hoax was perpetrated back in the 1980s (it had been preceded by a campaign in the 1970s asserting—correctly—that we are closer to the next ice age) that such a gathering has occurred. It has taken three decades to bring together these experts and the reason why is fairly simple.

The forces behind the global warming hoax, the environmental organizations, have been heavily funded by foundations and, as in the United States, by billions of government dollars directed to research on the climate. These groups have garnered more money from membership and the sales of all manner of books, publications, DVDs and other items. Still others have made their money by suing the government and having their legal fees reimbursed along with any other rewards.

The "stars" of the conference were men with impeccable credentials, but largely unknown to the general public because the media has been enthralled the global warming hoaxers, either deliberately or by virtue of being disinterested in the actual science involved. Too many have failed their commitment to journalism’s high standards and they have failed a public that depends on them to explain these complex issues.

For decades, the headlines have heralded all manner of crisis to the point of absurdity whereby now blizzards are attributed to warming tends. This passed year has seen significant and unusual blizzard conditions worldwide and this too, the public has been told, results from a dramatic warming that is not occurring.

For me, there was the particular pleasure of actually meeting many of those who have been on the front lines of disputing the hoax, but our work is far from finished.

Much damage is being done to America by legislation based on the global warming lies, particularly as regards their impact on the provision of the energy this nation requires to be competitive in the global marketplace and to sustain our lifestyle. Our political candidates all subscribe to the global warming hoax. The leaders in the Senate and House all advocate it as well.

The result is legislation that forces the nation to literally burn its food crops—notably corn—in order to turn it into an efficient fuel additive, ethanol. This in turn is forcing up the cost of food. It is legislation that does not permit for the exploration and extraction of energy reserves such as oil and natural gas along 85% of our nation’s continental shelf, nor in Alaska where billions of barrels of oil remain untapped. It is legislation that grants huge subsidies—a form of hidden tax—to wind and solar energy, the two most inefficient and unreliable forms of energy. It is legislation that bans the future use of incandescent light bulbs.

In short, America is gripped by a form of life-threatening insanity perpetrated by the Greens and legislated by politicians who haven’t a clue about the ways they are wrecking our economy in the name of global warming.

So this extraordinary conference, drawing men and women from as far away as Australia, New Zealand, China, the United Kingdom and Europe, may well be the last best hope to turn away from a future that will be marked by the undermining of America’s and Europe’s economies.

This is Alan's opinion. Those of us who saw Alan Reeve's "Capricorn" series on BBC 2 recently may take a slightly different view.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Jerusalem Murders

London, UK

One of the most hard hitting reports comes from Alan Caruba. Read here

Friday, March 07, 2008

Ian H Watkins and Samantha Janus

London, UK

Here's more from the UK Premiere of Make Me A Song.

UK Premiere of Make me a Song

London, UK

Fresh from Off Broadway is Make me A Song. The UK Premiere was last night at the New Players Theatre and here's the LSQ TV "fan-cam" footage. You'll see that we were able to speak to the cast, some celebs and speak with the man himself, William Finn.

Something a little out of the ordinary tonight, I teamed up with Jeremy Jacobs, Leicester Square TV to cover the UK premiere for a musical ( ) and after a chilly wait in my high heels in the media pen, I was invited inside! There was a real feel good atmosphere afterwards -- the opening night went really well and the crowd went wild. We see celebs Kim Wilde (pop singer), Alicia Douvall (model), Samantha Janus (Eastenders), the musical's author William Finn, director Andrew MacBean, and stars of the show Simon Thomas, Frances Ruffelle (Tony Award winner, Secrets and Lies, her mum is Sylvia Young founder of the stage school -- see my video on West End Live ) and Ian H Watkins (Steps, Celebrity Big Brother and Loose Women). Lovely night and many thanks to Holly at the New Players Theatre and Simon Ram from Big Ammunition for making the arrangements.

Celebs spotted:
Sue Moxley - Beauty Editor of the Sun
Lizzie Cundy

As usual, please let me know of omissions, errors and comments. Thanks -- E.

Original footage in HDV.
Copyright elizabethtoni 2008 (less)

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A Networking Event

London, UK

The other evening I was MC at a networking event held at Kempton Park Racecourse. The evening was organised by Malcolm Tullett and Warren Cass of Business Scene. Over 100 people turned up from a variety of businesses including Andy Lopata of Word of Mouse

Earlier this week , Andy had a full page article in the Sun newspaper on business networking. Well done Andy. Both he and I would agree that networking is about unconditional giving and not about trying to get business too quickly. Also, I bumped into a brilliant lady, divorce coach Kirsten Gronning

One of the speakers was David Sumner-Smith of The Telegraph Business Club. David gave a really interesting talk about how technology can assist SME's. He focused, in particular, on two growing areas - the internet (as a way of marketing your business) and Web-based television. In-Situ Productions are one such production company offering these services and filming the event were i-catching movies

There were others from the media world, including Chantal Cooke of Passion Radio and Mel Tyler of TigerTwo who are social media consultants.

Who are you?

London, UK

Why do people go to the expense of creating a website, then leave information gaps - like your name? Take a look at this blog. The design ain't bad, it provides a fair bit of information but who am I dealing with?

On the home page there's a photo and a video (which I looked at for 15 seconds) of some man called "Presentation Guru". On another page there's a reference to someone called John. Is it one and the same person or what? If John is asking for several hundred pounds of your money (probably in advance) then I guess you'd like to know who your dealing with. Well you would wouldn't you!

It's not until you get to "News" that his name is revealed. John Davies of Oatmeal Training who seem to be a really professional outfit.

Some issues here:

1. If you going to have a blog, why not make it the Home page of you site?, or

2. Incorporate it as part of your website and ensure its easily located.

3. "You Tube" or similar videos are fine but how do they compare to the quality here or here.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Picture Quiz - Where am I?

In which English town can you see this sign?

Monday, March 03, 2008

Petite Anglaise on Woman's Hour this morning

London, UK

It's a rarity for me to be tuning in to BBC Radio 4 in the morning and it's even more of a rarity for me to be listening to Woman's Hour! But my ears pricked up whilst carving grooves up the M11 earlier today, because the one and only Petite Anglaise a.k.a Catherine Sanderson, was being interviewed about her life in Paris.

One had to endure several minutes of how she got into France and the French and how her awful parents didn't allow her to have a pen-friend or exchange visit. I do admire her determination to learn French fluently though. Of course, her appearance on the radio this morning is all about her book which is due out soon. I may just get a copy to find out more about her battle with her ex-employer(you know my views on using the Internet at work)and to support a fellow blogger.

Do you think the time is rapidly approaching for me to present to the world my literary offering.

How about "From Margate to Muswell Hill on two gallons"

Watch this space...............

Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Game Plan on LSQ TV

London, UK

Today in Leicester Square was the UK Premiere of The Game Plan starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson - and it was the girls who presented the show. Well, it is Mothers Day!

The Wickedness of Hamas

London, UK

Once again news organisations like the BBC seem to show bias towards the Hamas. "Honest Reporting" goes a little deeper with this article into the current problems in Gaza.

Part of the article highlights why the death toll in Gaza has reached 50.


Civilian casualties on any side of a conflict are tragic. Many headlines have concentrated on the high death toll of Palestinians during the fighting, which, sadly, has included a number of civilians. However, casualty statistics only tell part of the story:

Israel never intentionally targets civilians whereas Palestinian terrorists deliberately set out to kill innocents, celebrating hits against schools and kindergartens.

The vast majority of Palestinians killed during Israeli military operations were armed terrorists or those directly involved in firing missiles into Israeli towns and cities.

Hamas has exposed the Palestinian civilian population to risk by operating within and firing missiles from built-up areas, effectively using civilians as human shields".

St Trinians Film Premiere with Russell Brand

London, UK

Many of you will have seen the Leicester Square TV footage of the Premiere of St Trinian's with Russell Brand and Colin Firth. Many more though (over 40,000 in fact) have tunes in to the "fan-cam" clips of the same event:

Annette Kurer - Communication Skills Consultant

Will be my guest tonight on "PressPlay" at 10pm. I'll be chatting to Annette about presentation and presenter skills, public-speaking and much more. It's a new month and a new schedule - so

Tune in to JCom Radio, only available on the Internet, at

10pm (GMT), tonight Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Mad as a March Hare

London, UK

As it's March 1st, here's an explanation to that well known English idiom: