Thursday, March 13, 2008

Jennifer Jones on Eliot Spitzer

London, UK

USA blogger, Jennifer Jones wrote a wonderful article about the disgraced New York governer, Eliot Spitzer:

In case anyone is wondering, politicians who claim to be fabulous men who will clean up the filth in their state, but who are actually a contributing part of it; who lie, cheat, get involved with money laundering, and pay for prostitutes to travel to visit him in a fancy hotel are NOT great men.

And those who parade their wives in front of the world to further and publicly humiliate them while he tries to portray the image that she is not hurt, devastated, and embarrassed are even beyond jerks.

While we all make mistakes in life and no one is perfect, one has to wonder how a public figure with such power can allow himself to behave in such a truly disgusting manner.

Read the rest of her article here


Jennifer Jones said...

Hey JJ,

Thanks for sharing!

I'm just thinking you are really getting famous these days!


You are the best!


Jeremy Jacobs said...

Tx Jen.

You're a bit of a star yourself!