Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Who are you?

London, UK

Why do people go to the expense of creating a website, then leave information gaps - like your name? Take a look at this blog. The design ain't bad, it provides a fair bit of information but who am I dealing with?

On the home page there's a photo and a video (which I looked at for 15 seconds) of some man called "Presentation Guru". On another page there's a reference to someone called John. Is it one and the same person or what? If John is asking for several hundred pounds of your money (probably in advance) then I guess you'd like to know who your dealing with. Well you would wouldn't you!

It's not until you get to "News" that his name is revealed. John Davies of Oatmeal Training who seem to be a really professional outfit.

Some issues here:

1. If you going to have a blog, why not make it the Home page of you site?, or

2. Incorporate it as part of your website and ensure its easily located.

3. "You Tube" or similar videos are fine but how do they compare to the quality here or here.

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