Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Wickedness of Hamas

London, UK

Once again news organisations like the BBC seem to show bias towards the Hamas. "Honest Reporting" goes a little deeper with this article into the current problems in Gaza.

Part of the article highlights why the death toll in Gaza has reached 50.


Civilian casualties on any side of a conflict are tragic. Many headlines have concentrated on the high death toll of Palestinians during the fighting, which, sadly, has included a number of civilians. However, casualty statistics only tell part of the story:

Israel never intentionally targets civilians whereas Palestinian terrorists deliberately set out to kill innocents, celebrating hits against schools and kindergartens.

The vast majority of Palestinians killed during Israeli military operations were armed terrorists or those directly involved in firing missiles into Israeli towns and cities.

Hamas has exposed the Palestinian civilian population to risk by operating within and firing missiles from built-up areas, effectively using civilians as human shields".

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