Monday, March 03, 2008

Petite Anglaise on Woman's Hour this morning

London, UK

It's a rarity for me to be tuning in to BBC Radio 4 in the morning and it's even more of a rarity for me to be listening to Woman's Hour! But my ears pricked up whilst carving grooves up the M11 earlier today, because the one and only Petite Anglaise a.k.a Catherine Sanderson, was being interviewed about her life in Paris.

One had to endure several minutes of how she got into France and the French and how her awful parents didn't allow her to have a pen-friend or exchange visit. I do admire her determination to learn French fluently though. Of course, her appearance on the radio this morning is all about her book which is due out soon. I may just get a copy to find out more about her battle with her ex-employer(you know my views on using the Internet at work)and to support a fellow blogger.

Do you think the time is rapidly approaching for me to present to the world my literary offering.

How about "From Margate to Muswell Hill on two gallons"

Watch this space...............

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