Thursday, March 13, 2008

How to make your Purim Fancy Dress Party Special

As it is Purim Next Week you will need a great fancy dress costume, so go to

Purim is one of those times in the Jewish Calender that we allow ourselves to let our hair down and just enjoy a great party atmosphere.

Traditionally, the Purim party has always been a fancy dress party because we are taught that Esther disguised herself in order to protect her family and the Jewish community. So remember, the better the fancy dress costume you find, the better your fancy dress party at Purim will be.

Check out the specialists at Novelties 4 Parties and they will guarantee that your Purim party this year with some really fantastic children's fancy dress costumes Your party will be a party to remember!

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Anonymous said...

I'm invited to a Superhero party soon, and I need to get something together. Coming as "BloggerGirl" is getting old.