Monday, March 10, 2008

Inside Terminal 5

Looks pretty impressive. Perhaps "Tom Paine" and other frequent blogger/flyers have something to say. Personally, I think the Richard Rogers designed new terminal at Barajas looks more stunning.


Guthrum said...

Let you know on the 30th of the month, expecting a row over refusing to give fingerprints

Anonymous said...

It looks ok-ish from the photo, but I think I can make out the same terazzo tiles that my mother's kitchen has in common with un-stylish airports everywhere. Nice to see the social security queue posts and tapes in place, ready to put us peasants in our place. I am surprised they didn't build them into the design.

All of Britain's airports communicate very effectively to visitors that they are arriving in a filthy, miserable, authoritarian soviet hell-hole which has zero style and takes no pride in itself. I can only assume that's the intention? Sadly to complain would be asking Britain to lie.

Personally, I find Munich airport the prettiest and most functional that I get to use, but would sacrifice all design niceties for the fast-track security queue they have for business passengers at Domodedovo (pronouced "Darmadyedava" not "Dohmohdeedohvoh"). Or the pay-as-you-go "VIP" access at the soviet-era and profoundly ugly Sheremetovo. I am beginning to sound like a Russian patriot, I know, but Aeroflot's business class is the best in the European skies (apart from the food, but all airline food is sickening - even on Air France).

All I want from an airport is functional wifi, peace and quiet and that the oafs who frisk me have bathed and wear deodorant. Not much, you might say, but painfully rare.