Sunday, November 30, 2008

How To Film Celebrities

London, UK

Well the simple answer is to turn up with a camera at an event. A few days ago, the LSQ "fan-cam" was out at the opening of the Ugg Australia Boot Store in Covent Garden. Here's the footage together with a list of the celebs seen.

London: 26 November 2008
Flash Alert! Flash Alert!

A short trip along to Covent Garden this evening for this capturadora. It was the launch of Ugg's new store there. Ugg sells those elegant, comfy, fleecy-lined boots that are so popular with celebs, and what better launch than have a whole lot of celebs come along to drum up some great PR. No fans asking for signatures at this one, but dozens of paps and that means flash-o-rama and that affects the quality of the video when hundreds of strobes fire into the lens. An enjoyable evening!

Celebs in attendance:
Summer Strallen
Daisy De Villeneuve
Tamzin Outhwaite
Imogen Lloyd Webber and Hannah Sandling
Lisa Morris
Pearl Lowe
Sandi Thom
Mica Paris
Henry Conway and Charlotte Dutton
Amy Molyneaux
Martin Freeman
Gabriella Calthorpe
Jodie Kidd
Scarlett Johnson

How To Get Famous On The Internet

London, UK

There's no easy way. Blogging like any other activity requires determination, discipline and lots of toil and sweat. Linking to other bloggers and recommending their services, products or just their blog postings is a tried and tested method. One such blogger is "Last Of The Few" by Theo Spark. This underestimated and successful UK blogger now attracts of 60,000 monthly hits. That's nearly as many as the highly successful Iain Dale's Diary

I'm grateful to Theo for advertising my telephone sales seminar called Communicate With Clarity. I've posted about it heavily on my other site and am delighted that business-guru Geoff Burch is coming along as guest speaker. Geoff's smash hit TV programme "All Over The Shop" continues this Tuesday evening on BBC2 at 7.30pm.

Presenting on Television

London, UK

Can be difficult at times. Take this poor chap!

Even rehearsing your lines until you are blue in the face won't always help you getting it right to camera.

Friday, November 28, 2008

How To Interview A TV Star

London, UK

Another excellent evening for Leicester Square Television at the Jermyn Street Theatre this week. I managed to catch up with Eastenders star, Scott Maslen(Jack). He was in the West End to support Peter Dunne and the cast of The Dreamers Of Inishdara.

Co-presenter Thomas had earlier caught up with Peter Dunne and Patricia Quinn.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Demi Moore on LSQ TV

London, UK

Whilst I was interviewing Scott Maslen from Eastenders over at the Jermyn Street Theatre last night, the LSQ "fan-cam" was out and about elsewhere in the West End. Away from Leicester Square was the premiere of Flawless, starring Demi Moore who was there with hubby Ashton Kutcher. Here's the clip:

London: 26 November 2008
Flash Alert! Flash Alert!
A non-Leicester Square premiere tonight over at Odeon on Shaftesbury Avenue. Demi brought hubby Ashton Kutcher along tonight. They're the biggest stars visiting London tonight and thus are the focus for the photographing community, some of whom brought along their motor bikes so they could maximise tonight's production. A few fans were able to get front-row spots to get what few autographs were available. I was a couple of rows back due to covering the UGG Australia, Covent Garden store opening (see the video at elizabethtoni channel on You Tube)so you can get a sense of how busy it was. The scores of flash-equipped paps lit up the street when the perfect couple arrived and there was a real crush due to the lack of space and crowds of fans, photographers and passers-by who happened along for this once in a lifetime experience.

Stars in attendance:
Demi Moore
Natalie Dormer
Joss Ackland
Nathaniel Parker

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Only 7% of our communication is conveyed by words

London, UK

Do you agree with the thrust of Alan Stevens post which says - "Only 7% of our communication is conveyed by words (38% tone of voice, 55% body language)"

I side with Alan. You can dress like a tailor's dummy, have the smoothest, sexiest voice but as a presenter or speaker, the content of what you say is key.
In recent times, I've been on courses and have attended talks where the "7% rule" is rammed down people's throats by so-called "public-speaking **experts". Don't believe a word of it. Content, appearance and voice-tone are as important as each other.

** "ex" as in has been, "spurt" as in drip under presssure.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Presenting & Networking (R)

London, UK

By special request, I'm re-posting this popular piece from last year:

Monday, March 24, 2008
Presenting and Networking

London, UK

My discussion with Andy Lopata on the radio earlier this month centred around "how to network correctly". It was a great radio show with plenty of positive feedback. In a couple of weeks time, another great networker and marketing/media guru, Jonathan Gabay will be joining me in the radio studio at JCom. Jonathan, Andy and I are great room workers, unlike Mr Buffoon, Mr Large and Mr Nerd. Read this from an article posted on this blog last July:

Tuesday, July 10, 2007
3 ways to ruin your chances at Business Networking

Earlier today, I attended a networking meeting in Central London, run by a well known organisation. There were around 100 or so people there from a variety of businesses. Many were interesting and good listeners, some less so but there were three individuals who really ought to learn the fundamentals of *networking. Here's those 3 "no noes" for starters:

TIP 1. Do not barge in on a "closed two".

Scene: I was in conversation with an executive of a well known company. All of a sudden from my left and overweight gentleman with an absurd tie said "hello" and started to ask a question of the executive. No rapport building or politeness. He even had the temerity to ask me to hold his glass of red wine. I put it on the nearest table, made an excuse and left the poor executive to handle "Mr Buffoon".

TIP 2. Never peer at name badges.

Scene: Two women and I were discussing business opportunities when we were approached by "Mr Nerd". He leant towards us three, peered at our name badges, then scuttled away after rambling on for a minute or so about the services he offered. Needless to say, my two new friends and I were most unimpressed. The title on his business card said "Head of Sales".

TIP 3. Remain sober and listen.

Scene: The three of us were joined by a fourth and things were going along really well until "Mr Large" turned up. Perhaps I should call him Mr Me, because that's all he was interested in - himself. Also, he was clearly drunk, rude and bellicose.

All three of these people, in my opinion, behaved in a socially inadequate manner. The Golden Rule of networking is to exhibit unconditional giving.

Posted by Jeremy Jacobs at Monday, March 24, 2008

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Cris Zimermann said...

How about the women? Do they 'behave' better?

It's always nice when I see you around, Jeremy, tks for visiting me. Cheers, mate,
Monday, March 24, 2008
Jeremy Jacobs said...

Of course they do!
Monday, March 24, 2008
Nick R Thomas said...

Hi Jeremy,

Great blog. As far as the third type is concerned, they may still be giving. I could never see the point of networking with competitors but I recently read a very good business book where the author said that it's useful when these people drink too much because they let useful information slip which they would certainly keep to themselves when sober!
Wednesday, March 26, 2008
Colin Campbell said...

I learned a lot from my days of business networking. I met most of these characters. Nowadays, most of my networking is by doing a good job. I rarely have to go and pitch to new clients or partners. No doubt that will roll around again when I have a different role.

Over eager people are the worst.
Saturday, March 29, 2008
Jeremy Jacobs said...

Ah, the over-eager. Met one the other week. Terrible!
Saturday, March 29, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008

Top Presenter to re-appear on the BBC

London, UK

So it looks as though tv presenter Jonathan Ross will be seen on BBC early next year, so I wonder though what sort of reaction he'll get from the general public.
No news though on Russell Brand's future.

Ross safe after phone prank

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How To Get Known On The Internet

London, UK

Last year, I was given a mention of the Just Giving blog. Here's what they had to say:

So are Justgiving users doing this? Yes. Have a look at Jeremy's blog. He has got everything and his fundraising page and blog work together seamlessly to keep all of his readers and sponsors up to date with his challenge. Follow his example and you'll spend less time chasing up your data, and your sponsors will feel more connected to your event.

Internet-guru Graham Jones goes further. He recommends you turn yourself into a brand. Read this. In short, blog every day, link to social bookmarks and other bloggers.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Media Blog Grab

London, UK

Ellee on the tragedy in Haringey

Jon Snow on Palin at the Guardian Media Blog

Paul Bradshaw on how to get it right in social media communities.

PR Media Blog on Twitter, Tweets and Twits!

Neville Hobson
and his top PR blogs

Simon Wakeman on getting a job in PR

More Twitter stuff at Mashable

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Doing A Piece To Camera

London, UK

You'll see this sort of thing on television most days. Whether a news item or presenting a documentary-style piece, rehearsing one's lines can be tricky to get right first time. Here's me caught on camera last year in Central London:

Monday, November 10, 2008

Tristar TV

London, UK

You may have already seen the post about Tristar TV on my other site here. Apart from the impressive new website they've got a great set-up at their Home Counties location just off the M1.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Crisis Communication

London, UK

Graham Jones recently posted this about the Jonathan Ross/Russell Brand affair. Graham criticises the BBC for dragging its feet whilst those 27,000 complaints rolled in to the Corporation's switchboard.

Jonathan Ross, Russell Brand and your web site

Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand are at the centre of a perfect storm - it's got everything; sex, money, jealousy, a grandfather, an attractive young woman, an iconic corporation, stardom, - the list goes on. However, it's a story that could have been knocked on the head within hours, rather than allowing it to drag on for almost two weeks.

It was a stupid prank, a juvenile stunt and an indication of weakening editorial standards within the BBC. But while the world is suffering recession, people are being killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the USA is about to select the most powerful man in the world, two so-called "comedians" have dominated the news agenda in the UK for days on end. Why?

The reason is simple; a complete mis-handling of the crisis by the BBC top brass. They have dithered, delayed and danced around the issue, rather than being decisive. Research on crisis communications has shown consistently that what we want is immediate, decisive action that shows the bosses understand our perspective. When a company is in the doo-doo we expect the boss to act immediately. We expect the boss to see it from our perspective - not the company's. We expect the communication to be consistent and swift.

What have the BBC given us? Bosses that remained silent for over 10 days, bosses that disagreed with each other in public and bosses that were telling us about their internal perspective. Indeed, it's taken almost a fortnight for the Director General to say a word - that's a resignation offence in itself. In other words, the BBC that reports week-in, week-out on the crises of other companies has shown it does not even understand the principles of crisis communications itself. That's the real issue here - how inept the top brass at the BBC have revealed themselves to be. They have allowed a rather silly and embarrassing event to escalate into a full-scale disaster for the organisation. People wonder why we are spending money on "talent" like Jonathan Ross, but I wonder why we are spending money on such poor management and a clear lack of leadership.

To read the rest of Graham's article, go here

Saturday, November 08, 2008

How To Interview Celebrities

London, UK

Last Thursday at the New Players Theatre, there was plenty of opportunity to chat to some. Vox-pops were obtained from: Richard O'Brien(who made a guest appearance in Burlesque-esque), Helen Lederer, Paul Gambaccini and even London politician, Simon Hughes. Here's the footage from Leicester Square Television

Two to watch out for are Peter Rae and jazz pianist Anthony Strong.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Return of Jonathan Ross

London, UK

Can't believe this story from Digital Spy.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Inspiring Political Speeches

London, UK

Martin Luther-King's "I have a dream" speech was shown at the end of the ITN news earlier this evening. A political commentator recently said that Luther-King walked so Obama can run. Whatever your views, just how inspiring do you find the speech from 40 years ago:

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Presenting Russell Brand

London, UK

Last night, I was asked once again, "why do you have Russell Brand on your showreel"? My reply, "why not"?

Just because Russell has resigned from his BBC Radio 2 show doesn't mean he'll never return to host a radio show or present on the BBC. Russell Brand is a brilliant comedian and he'll soon bounce back from the "Wozzagate" affair.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Public Speaking in Action

London, UK

I've already waxed lyrical about Geoff Burch's smooth tv presenting style, so here's another plug concerning his appearance on December 2nd at Barnet Football Club