Friday, November 30, 2007

Weekly Round-up from Leicester Square TV

What an amazing few days its been - Daniel Craig, Nicole Kidman; Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt; Sir Michael Caine, Dustin Hoffman; Jude Law, and many more. Check them all out at LSQ TV

Thursday, November 29, 2007

FA Cup 2nd Round Proper

London, UK

It's the FA Cup 2nd Round Proper this weekend. It's that time of year when the smaller clubs have the opportunity to advance to the 3rd Round and meet one of the "big boys" like Arsenal, Liverpool or Manchester United of the Premiership. Some of those smaller clubs are from outside the Football League

The two fixtures that stand out for me are Horsham v Swansea City (playing Friday night) and Staines v Peterborough United. Both Horsham and Staines play in the same league as my club Margate and both play teams that Margate have played previously in the FA Cup. In the 1972/3 season, Margate beat Swansea (then of League Division 3, now League One) 1-0. Four years earlier, Peterborough United beat Margate 4-0 in front of over 7000 spectators at Hartsdown Park.

The last time Margate had the opportunity to reach the 3rd Round was 5 years ago. After beginning their FA Cup campaign with a 2-1 victory over Gravesend & Northfleet (now affectionately known as Ebbsfleet United) in the 4th qualifying round, the 'Gate beat Leyton Orient 1-0 after a 1-1 draw at Brisbane Road. Due to the ground re-development at Margate, the victory over Leyton O. and the ensuing 2nd round clash with Cardiff City were played at Crabble, the home of Dover Athletic

In front of BBC "Match of the Day" cameras, Margate lost 3-0. But hit the woodwork twice.

Bernard Manning Jokes


In June, I posted this on the passing of comedian, Bernard Manning.

Friday, June 22, 2007

13 Great Bernard Manning jokes

A question to the PC brigade. What's so terrible about these? OK, so one or two are a little rude. (Tip - Blognor Regis and Shooting Parrots)

Two old maids on a beach, streaker ran past, one had a stroke, the other one couldn’t

Man says to his wife: ‘Pack your bags, I’ve won the pools.’
She says: ‘What should I pack? Something light, something warm? Where are we going?’
He says: ‘We’re going nowhere. Just pack your bags and f*** off.’

I don’t believe Scots are as tight as people say, but I did hear that when two taxis collided in
Glasgow recently 48 people were injured.

I also like the one about the boatload of Viagra that went down in Loch Ness — and the
monster came up.

I went to see that Pavarotti last week and he was a right miserable git. He doesn’t like it
when you join in.

So David, what about the stick after the Argentinian game?
Oh, she was fine with it.

I feel sorry for people that don't drink, because when they wake up in the morning, that’s
the best they’re going to feel all day.

I once got sacked for laughing. I was driving a hearse.

Tony Adams, on his first day in prison, was complaining because he wanted the walls back 12

A Scouser went to a prostitute. She said, ‘Do you want a b*** job?’ He said, ‘Will it affect me
dole money?’

What’s the difference between an Iraqi woman and a pilchard? One’s ugly, greasy, with
bulging eyes. The other’s a fish.

Quasimodo was running down the street chased by a group of kids. He said, ‘For the last
time, I haven’t got your football.’

I went to Anfield the other day to watch a match. A scouse lad said, ‘Can I mind your car for
you mister?’
I said, ‘No! And for your information, there’s a Rottweiler in the back.’ The lad said: ‘Put out
fires, can he?’

Bernard Manning R.I.P.

The Golden Compass with Nicole Kidman

Yet another plug for Leicester Square TV. Our first really big Premiere coincided with the launch of LSQ TV

As you'll see from the website, Nicole Kidman looked terrific and my co-presenter Claire enjoyed her brief chat with Daniel Craig.

For those of you who are Facebook freaks there is, of course, a Leicester Square TV group.

Pigeon for lunch?

Annapolis or Arabpolis?

Just read Melanie Phillips here

I do worry about US foreign policy sometimes.

Man charged with Rachel Nickell's murder

London, UK

Just noticed this earlier this from the Reuters website:

"A 41 year-old man has been charged with the murder of Rachel Nickell almost two decades ago, the Crown Prosecution Service said on Wednesday.

Robert Napper, a former warehouseman from Plumstead, south-east London, is due to appear in court next week charged with the 23 year-old's murder.

The part-time model was found on Wimbledon Common, south London, in July 1992, after she had been attacked as she walked her dog with her two-year-old son, Alex.

She had been stabbed 49 times and sexually assaulted in one of Britain's most notorious murder cases. A fellow walker found Alex clinging to his mother's blood-soaked body".

This was a terrible murder and for a long-time a local man, Colin Stagg, was the main suspect.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Chance Meetings

Twice in the last 24 hours, I've bumped into people I know whilst travelling. One of whom is the well known LibDem blogger James Graham , James and I met on the successful web tv channel, 18Doughty Street .

Earlier today, I managed to trip up an acquaintance (with my umbrella) whilst purchasing an Evening Standard on the concourse at Euston Station. A delightful social intercourse then ensued on the Northern Line, until we parted at East Finchley.

Chance meetings are things that are meant to happen.

Facebook chain letter about Star Signs

This is so me!

LEO - The Lion

Great talker. Attractive and passionate. Laid back. Usually happy, but when unhappy tend to be grouchy and childish. A Leo's problem becomes everyone's problem. Most Leos are very predictable and tend to be monotonous. Knows how to have fun. Is really good at almost anything. Great kisser. Very predictable. Outgoing. Down to earth. Addictive. Attractive. Loud. Loves being in long relationships. Talkative. Not one to mess with. Rare to find. Good when found. 7 years of bad luck if you do not forward.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Joan Collins at Leicester Square

Amongst the celebs at the Premiere of The Golden Compass this evening at the Odeon, Leicester Square were Hugh Grant and the magnificent Joan Collins.

More on the The Golden Compass here

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Verity Lambert and The Daleks

Verity Lambert passed away this weekend. Obit. here

Coming up this week.................

UPDATE - Check out Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, Keith Urban, Dakota Blue Richards and Eva Green. All were there at the Premiere of The Golden Compass.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Media Weekend

The last 24 hours have been packed with filming. The next few hours is all about radio! See post below.

Friday, November 23, 2007

On this weeks show...................

Tomorrow (Saturday night) on “PressPlay” I have another two amazing guests:

Jonathan Gabay of Brand Forensics is one of this country’s leading experts on branding. He is on the central Faculty of the world’s biggest marketing institute. He is an author of 12 books with experience of working for some of the best known creative agencies and brands in the industry.

Tanya Nicole is an up-and-coming actress and singer-songwriter. She has also worked behind the scenes as a Casting Director and Theatre Director.

Tune-in to JCom Radio on 101.4FM in north-west London this Saturday evening, November 24th at 7pm (GMT or on the internet at

Volunteering with the JCC

London, UK

Last Sunday, over 1000 people took part in a "Mitzvah Day". The event was organised by the JCC (Jewish Community Centre for London). You can read all about the event at the JCC here.

As you'll glean from the JCC website, projects centred around providing aid and assistance to members of the Jewish and other communities. I volunteered to sing with a few others at three residential/nursing homes for the elderly. It was great fun and very rewarding.

Volunteering for the benefit of others in society with charitable organisations, like the JCC, may have been practised by you before. Many of you would have raised money through sponsored walks or marathons. You may have given blood or have simply visited the sick in hospital. Even doing the shopping for an elderly or sick neighbour can and does make a difference.

"Volunteering England" has a great website here where you can learn more. You could join organizations like Rotary or the Lions Clubs International. Alternatively, consider contacting your local church, synagogue or mosque. If you are Jewish, and live in the UK, you could join the Jewish Volunteering Network

"If I am not for myself, who will be for me? And if I am only for myself, what am I? And if not now, when?

Ethics if the Fathers 1:14

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

England's football team - 40 years of failure

London, UK

In 1968, Yugoslavia beat England 1-0 in the semi-final of the then European Nations Cup. The goal was scored by the world's best ever left-winger Dragan Dzajic. A couple of years later, England bowed out to West Germany in the heat of Guadalajara in the quarter-final of the World Cup. For me, those two results started the sticky slope that the English football team has been on ever since.

Earlier this evening, the team that represented Croatia (a former part of Yugoslavia) out-played, out-thought and out-witted a below-par English team. It'll probably mean the end for manager, Steve McClaren but when will we all realise it's not down to him or even the hapless goalkeeper Scott Carson?

In my view, these are the fundamental issues that need to be addressed:

1. Sport in my opinion, is not taken seriously in England.

2. There is no national centre for football excellence.

3. In recent years, 34000 playing fields have disappeared in England under both Labour and Conservative administrations.

4. Footballers in this country are still drawn from what was working class backgrounds. In France, Spain and Italy, in particular, footballers come from all levels of society.

5. The Premiership and Championship appear to be more important to players, supporters and officials than the success of the national team.

6. Continental players have better ball skills than English players.

7. All too often, players and managers and coaches are one-dimensional in their approach. (Just look at the first 45 minutes this evening)

8. A "quick-fix", short-term solution is the answer to everything. (i.e. the appointment of McClaren?)

9. A lack of leadership and vision from the footballing authorities, politicians and educationalists.

What's your view?

I think I'll tag

Iain Dale City Unslicker Crushed Beamans World Ellee Seymour Croydonian The Last Ditch Dr Simon Moores

Croatia Clash Preview

Loads to read here

Monday, November 19, 2007

Those two Israeli goals last Saturday

Not sure about the American commentary!

2-1 Israel vs. Russia | EURO 2008 Q
Video sent by 90tsunni

Israel vs. Russia

UEFA EURO 2008 Qualifiers | group E

17 November 2007

fulltime score: 2-1

goals: Barda 10', Golan 90+2' - Bilyaletdinov 61'

Margate Exodus

My home town if Margate is swimming around the national conscience at present. There's the macabre story about those terrible murders. Read here.

And as I'm posting this, Channel 4 are showing "Exodus". (See this about the Margate Exodus.)
You'll be relieved to know that it isn't a story about the author's departure from Margate to the Borscht Belt of north-west London in the 1970's but a well publicized drama. Read all about it here.

As if by fluke, neighbouring town Ramsgate featured heavily as well this evening. For those of you with an architectural bent will be aware of Augustus Pugin. Tony Robinson and the Time Team at Channel 4 TV presented a brilliant (albeit repeat) of Pugin, The God of Gothic.

More on Pugin here.

There's a bust of him at Eastcliffe in Ramsgate.

Leicester Square TV

Over at Jeremy Jacobs.Com, I'm now making regular posts about the launch of LSQTV Leicester Square TV.
Earlier today, my co-presenter Claire Bueno, was on the red-carpet for the Premiere of Fred Clause and yesterday the team were there to see Sir Michael Caine (you must check out this video), Jude Law and Kenneth Branagh for the premiere of Sleuth. This re-make of the 1972 classic(in which Sir Michael stars)looks to take the West End by storm.

LSQTV from November 27th

Photo: Courtesy of the BBC Website

A Croatian warning to England football fans

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Croatian Conumdrum

I have a new friend in the Blogosphere. She's from Zadar in Croatia but will she be my friend after Wednesday?

Check out Magdalena's Blogs here
and here

US and Canadian readers read this

Saturday, November 17, 2007

More on the Margate Murders

Israel holds the key to England's success

If Israel can avoid defeat to Russia later today in Tel-Aviv, England would still have a chance of qualifying for the Euro Championships in Austria and Switzerland next year. UPDATE - Israel 2 Russia 1

Should they do so, perhaps a member of the Royal Family will finally visit Jerusalem. (About as likely as me dating Angelina Jolie)

Read this from yesterday's Jewish Chronicle:

Leaked email reveals royal rebuff on Israel
By Daniella Peled

EXCLUSIVE A leaked email exchange between two of Prince Charles’s closest aides exposes serious internal concerns about accepting an invitation to visit Israel.

Earlier this year, the Israeli embassy invited Sir Michael Peat, Prince Charles’s Principal Private Secretary, and Clive Alderton, Deputy Private Secretary, to Israel for a four-day visit as guests of the Knesset.

This was seen as a prelude to a possible official visit by the Prince, which would have been the first-ever state visit by a British royal to Israel.

Sir Michael — copying in Mr Alderton — initially expressed enthusiasm for the idea, replying in an email to the embassy: “The invitation is hugely appreciated and Clive and I would love to come.”

However, a month later, in an exchange of emails seen by the JC, Mr Alderton privately sought reassurance from his superior that the pair need never accept the invitation.

Mr Alderton — whose responsibilities include foreign affairs and relations with ethnic and faith communities — complained to Sir Michael in an email of being “pursued” by the ambassador, and asked: “Safe to assume there is no chance of this visit ever actually happening?

“Acceptance would make it hard to avoid the many ways in which Israel would want HRH [Prince Charles] to help burnish its international image.

“In which case, let’s agree a way to lower his expectations.”

When contacted by the JC with evidence of the email exchange, a spokesman for the Prince of Wales sought to play down its significance.

“This is simply an internal email about a possible visit by Clarence House officials to Israel,” he told the JC. “Any potential visit by the Prince of Wales would be undertaken at the recommendation of the government. The Prince is continuing his regular engagement with the Jewish community in the UK and abroad. Next week, for example, he is attending a World Jewish Relief dinner in London, and further events are planned before the end of the year.”

When asked about the implications of Mr Alderton’s comments, the outgoing Israeli ambassador, Zvi Heifetz, who issued the invitation, said: “We have very good relations with His Royal Highness Prince Charles, who lately received our acting president, Dalia Itzik. We hope to see him one day in Israel.”

He added: “I have no comment to make about what was said by his deputy private secretary in the email that you quote. If true, I am sorry to hear it.”

A spokesman for the Israeli embassy also declined to comment on an internal email exchange, but emphasised its and Israel’s “very good relations with the royal family” as exemplified by Ms Itzik’s “fruitful and amicable discussion” with the Prince.

Sir Michael, 58, has worked for the Prince since 2002. In 2005, he became Principal Private Secretary to the Prince and the Duchess of Cornwall. Educated at Eton and Trinity College, Oxford, he joined the royal household in 1990, serving as Keeper of the Privy Purse and Treasurer to the Queen.

Mr Alderton, a former consul-general in Lille, is on secondment from the Foreign Office and was appointed as Deputy Private Secretary to the Prince and his wife last year. In February he accompanied them on a visit to Kuwait, where the Crown Prince received them.

No member of the British royal family has yet visited Israel in an official capacity. Prince Philip was there in 1994 to attend a Yad Vashem ceremony to honour his late mother, and Prince Charles attended the funeral of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. Prince Edward visited

Israel in September, but the royal household insisted that this was a private trip.

“Prince Charles is a great friend of the Jewish community,” commented Henry Grunwald, president of the Board of Deputies and chairman of the Jewish Leadership Council. “I am sure he will be deeply disturbed that some people might interpret these unfortunate emails as conveying any hostility to Israel at all. I hope that his advisers will be able to co-ordinate their diaries so as to enable them to visit Israel in the near future.”

Jeremy Newmark, chief executive of the Jewish Leadership Council, said: “The tone of the email is deeply unfortunate.”

The Israeli Foreign Ministry declined to comment.

The royal emails seen by the JC

From: Sir Michael Peat

To: Israeli Embassy

cc: Clive Alderton

Sent: August 21 2007

RE: Invitation - from Ambassador Zvi Heifetz

Please give the Ambassador my very best regards and apologise for poor communication during the holiday period. The invitation to Israel is hugely appreciated and Clive and I would love to come. I will be back in the office full-time next Wednesday.

Michael Peat


From: Clive Alderton

To: Sir Michael Peat

cc: Clive Alderton

Sent: Sepetember 27 2007

RE: Invitation - from Ambassador Zvi Heifetz


I'm being persued by the Ambassador; no doubt you are too...

Safe to assume that there is no chance of this visit ever actually happening?

Acceptance would make it hard to avoid the many ways in which Israel would want HRH to help burnish its international image.

In which case, let's agree a way to lower his expectations.


Italian Beauty, Sara Varone

London, UK

Regrettably, Italian model Sara Varone will not be appearing on my show this evening.

Friday, November 16, 2007

The Radio Broadcaster

In discussion with author Joe Craig on JCom radio last week.

Jeremy Jacobs presents




Dave Stark of Songlink International


Annette Kurer of Ark Consultants

Hope you can join me, Jeremy Jacobs

This Saturday evening, November 17th at 7pm – 8pm

JCom Radio 101.4FM in North-West London, or at

Call the studio on 020 8905 5505, or text 07781 486242

Email me at

Luton - All Bunged Up?

Former Luton Town Chairman Bill Tomlins together with other former colleagues are in hot water with the Football Association.

Here's the BBC report in full:

Luton and agents hit with charges
Luton Town's Kenilworth Road ground.
The FA's investigation into Luton began in March
The Football Association has issued more than 50 charges in connection with alleged breaches of rules at Luton Town, after an extensive investigation.

The charges relate to player transfers and contract renegotiations between July 2004 and February 2007.

The club, former chairman Bill Tomlins, ex-finance director Derek Peter and current directors John Mitchell and Richard Bagehot have been charged.

Six licensed players' agents have also been charged.

The investigation, which began in March this year, found that payments made to the six agents, totalling about £160,000, by the club's holding company Jayten (also known as J10) Stadium Limited were not disclosed to the FA on the required forms.

It's purely to do - on our side - with technical breaches on paperwork
Football agent Sky Andrew on the FA charges against him
The six agents have been charged with accepting payments from Jayten for their services to the club in securing the services of players.

In addition, it has been alleged that services for the benefit of a Luton player, totalling approximately £7,000, were paid for directly by Jayten but were not disclosed on the player's contract.

Sky Andrew, one of the six agents charged, was quick to play down the allegations.

Andrew, who is agent to a number of Premiership stars including Sol Campbell, Jermaine Pennant and Jermain Defoe, told BBC Radio 5 Live: "People mustn't blow this out of proportion, there's no question that irregular payments were made to officials or anyone like that.

Ultimately it vindicates me of the stance I made
Former Luton boss Mike Newell
"It's purely to do on our side with technical breaches on paperwork, which will come to light.

"We've spoken to the FA and the FA have conducted an investigation into dealings there - and it's only right they conduct their investigations and they've got rules in place and then they hand out charges to people.

"In our case it's just a technical breach of paperwork."

The charges follow an FA investigation after former Luton manager Mike Newell claimed in early 2006 that illegal payments in the game were rife.

"Ultimately it vindicates me of the stance I made," Newell told BBC 5 Live.

"I think as a manager of a football club, you have a duty to the supporters to make people aware of things like this.

"It was said over the last seven or eight months that there wasn't a time when I thought maybe it was the wrong thing to do because it's cost me my job. But ultimately this proves it was the right stance."

The full charges are as follows:

  • Luton Town have 17 charges, relating to payments to agents for nine specific player negotiations which were allegedly made through Jayten, rather than through the club as required by FA rules.

  • The Hatters have also been charged with provision of misleading information to the FA, not holding representation contracts with the relevant agents for the above negotiations, and dealing with two unlicensed agents (both through Jayten and directly).

  • Former chairman Bill Tomlins has been handed 15 charges. It is alleged that he was directly involved in 19 of the rule breaches listed above (except negotiations with two unlicensed agents which were not conducted through Jayten).

  • Former finance director Derek Peter is alleged to have approved payments made by Jayten in relation to the nine player negotiations.

  • Current directors John Mitchell and Richard Bagehot are charged with failing to report the alleged rule breaches to the FA when they became aware of them.

  • Licensed players' agents Sky Andrew, Mike Berry, Mark Curtis, Stephen Denos, David Manasseh and Andrew Mills are each charged with failing to ensure that payments to them were made and disclosed through the proper channels, and failing to enter into representation contracts with the club for specific services rendered in relation to above negotiations.

All parties have until 30 November to respond to the charges.

Luton issued a statement on their website, stating that "at this point in time the club has no comment to make on these allegations".

There is no indication yet as to what punishments might be enforced if the charges were proved.

BBC Radio 5 Live sports news correspondent Gordon Farquhar pointed out that the FA's investigation had been triggered by Tomlins when he resigned in April after admitting making irregular payments to agents on three separate occasions.

Farquhar said: "In a statement at the time, the club said Tomlins had approached the FA earlier in the year to clarify certain matters relating to the club.

"He also told the BBC he made the payments from the club's holding company but was at pains to point out that he made no private gain himself.

"He admitted he did the wrong thing at the time but also pointed out he contacted the FA personally to report what had gone wrong.

"It's also important to mention that the manager at the time Mike Newell made a number of allegations following his dismissal the month previous to Bill Tomlin's disappearance.

"And also another director, Martin King, resigned in the wake of the manager's departure, saying he was concerned with a number of issues and not just the one to sack Newell at the time."

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Margate Murder Mystery

Read all about it here

Peter Tobin, a former Margate resident, has been charged with murder. Exciting stuff on the Kent coast.

Yet more gruesome news from my home town. Remember this from 2000

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Eurostar at St Pancras

What a jewel the new St Pancras is. How could they have thought of reducing it to rubble and replacing it with a ugly monster like Euston? This country owes a debt of gratitude to Sir John Betjeman, The Poet Laureate, whose vision and enthusiasm saved this piece remarkable piece of Victorian architecture.

Today heralds a renaissance of rail travel in this country. With speeds of up to 186mph, Paris and Brussels are reached from St Pancras faster than Norwich or Cardiff. One hopes that high-speed services like Eurostar will be available from London to Scotland and the North at some future point. But, in order to upgrade our 19th century rail infrastructure to accommodate high-speed trains much will have to be done. As I understand it, this includes new tunnels at Swiss Cottage and elsewhere, new platforms at numerous stations, new station at Crewe and so on. Until then, the low-cost airlines will continue to prosper.

"Lille is the new Canterbury"

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Corporate Presenter - BBC

Very grateful to Caroline Barker and the team at BBC London for giving me the opportunity of being their fan behind "Fans Eye View" at BBC London's Non-League Show Website.

You can read the article here

Bob Harrop - Cremation November 20th

Bob Harrop - Rest in Peace Bob Harrop’s funeral will be held at 1:20pm on Tuesday 20 November at Margate Crematorium. The funeral cortege will be passing Hartsdown Park on the way to the crematorium. All supporters are invited to the ground to pay their respects as the procession passes.

Monday, November 12, 2007


Loved this from Eden Lunch in New York

Are you dating the last person you kissed?

Pretend you had 10 beers. Describe what you would be doing right now.

Who was the last person you shared a bed with?

Do you talk to yourself?

Do you drink milk straight from the carton/bottle?

How long is your hair?

Do you like Batman?

Do you swear at your parents?

What instant messaging service do you use?

Last thing you cooked today?

Did you have a nap today?

Where did you go to last?

What do you wear more, jeans or sweats?

*Do you like green beans?

Do you swear a lot?

Where did you get the shirt you're wearing?

Where was your default MySpace/Facebook picture taken?

Do you ever snort when you laugh?

Ever lose anyone close?

Would you ever date one of your ex's?

Where will you be in 8 hours?

Who is your best friend/s?

Who would you like to see right now?

Are you a social or antisocial person?

Do you have a tan?

What radio station do you listen to?

Are you afraid of the dark?

Do you miss someone today?

Whats your favorite song?

Get A Life!

London, UK

How much time do you spend at your computer? 2 hours a day - more?

Well research by psychologists at the University of Michigan has shown that too much time spent either "Facebooking" or blogging could lead to a reduction of brain power. Graham Jones writes about it here

Radio Show - Feedback

Joe Craig posted this on his Blog yesterday

My Face, Your Radio - again.

Ever heard of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy?

Bet you haven't. But you should have. And you might think that spending an evening talking about a disease would be a grim one (especially a disease that kills about 1 in every 3,000 boys born around the world, and one which has no cure YET).

But it wasn't grim at all.

Actually, it was a lot of fun. I was a guest on 'PressPlay', the excellent radio show on JCom radio hosted by the superb Jeremy Jacobs. I was talking about all kinds of stuff - my books, music, how far you live from your mum (yes, YOU) - but my fellow guest was Doron Rosenfeld, from the GM Trust.

Check out the Trust's site. It's nothing to do with General Motors, or Genetically Modified crops (though there is a tenuous 'genetic research' link with Jimmy Coates, in a strange way...).

It's worth having a look at:

Right, I'd better get back to re-writing Jimmy Coates: Survival...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Are you looking for an argument?

London, UK

Well, this blogpost, written by Vern of "Aim for Awesome" may just help you.

I like this Blog and Vern's style so it's my "Blog of the Week".

Jeremy Jacobs - Presenter & Speaker

FA CUP "Giantkillers" Yeovil Town

London, UK

Poor old Yeovil. For years they stunned the football pundits by their several shock FA Cup victories over clubs from the Football League. The most famous being the 2-1 defeat of Sunderland in 1949.

But today, as a League club now themselves, they suffered the humiliation of being defeated 4-1 by Blue Square side Torquay United, who lost their League status after 80 years last season.
So the famous "giantkillers" were "giantkilled" themselves. But I do find the term "giantkillers" in relation to Yeovil a tad incongruous. Yeovil is a market town in south-east Somerset with a population of not much more than 40000.

I've never liked the "green slime" from down the A303 - it all goes back to a nasty incident involving their goalkeeper just after the final whistle in a match against my team, Margate FC. It was a Southern League fixture at Hartsdown Park on December 2nd, 1967. Coincidentally, Margate had already drawn Yeovil in the First Round of the FA Cup. The fixture was meant to have taken place at Huish on Saturday, December 9th. Inclement weather and an icy pitch meant that hundreds of Margate fans had to curtail their journey at Paddington Station. But just a few days later, in front of over 6000 fans, Margate dented West country pride by winning 3-1 in the re-arranged tie. A gallant 4 made the journey from Margate.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Friday, November 09, 2007

2007 Prophecies

Remember this post?

Not looking good is it!

Former Manchester United Legend dies at 70

Bob Harrop 1936 -2007

Another Margate FC legend passed away. Bob played for Manchester United on 11 occasions after the Munich disaster. Read this from Jeff Trice's excellent Margate FC history site.

A true gent and a legend.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy



Jeremy Jacobs

After an exciting week, I’m back in the studio with guests

Doron Rosenfeld of The Gavriel Meir Trust

(Research into Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy)


Writer and Songwriter, Joe Craig

Author of the “Jimmy Coates” series of children books

Hope you can join me…

This Saturday evening, November 10th at 7pm – 8pm

JCom Radio 101.4FM in North-West London, or at

Call the studio on 020 8905 5505, or text 07781 486242

Email me at

Tidal Wave

On many occasions in the past, my father tells me of the "1953 flood". Margate and the surrounding area was cut off for a couple of days.

At this moment a similar threat hangs over Eastern England. Nothing like the severity of over 50 years ago but according to the BBC, lives "could be at risk"

More here on 1953 Flood

Toilet Humour


A: It's Braille for " suck here. "

A: It's the same as a French kiss, but " down under. "

A: Melt them down, make a tyre, and call it a Goodyear.

A: Because when they come, they're wild and wet. But when they go,
they take your house and car with them.

A: Because they don't have any balls to scratch...


A: Running into a wall with an erection and breaking his nose.

Rant of the Week

London, UK

I drove into town this evening to attend a fund-raising event. On the way there I counted no less than four cyclists who, either had poor lighting, or no lights at all - rear or front.

Do these people have brains? Don't they realise how dangerous and stupid it is to ride in the dark without lights. Even reflective clothing would help - they don't even bother with that.

Years ago, when I was at school, anybody caught cycling without lights would be in very serious trouble.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Heather Mills McCartney should wear one of these

Heather Mills McCartney should wear one of these.

She certainly gets my back up

H/T to Michael in France

Hot Blonde

London, UK

The door bell rang earlier. It wasn't her - it was the Gas man.

C'est la vie!

The World's Shortest Fairytale

London, UK

The World's Shortest Fairy Tale:

Once upon a time, a girl asked a guy, "Will you marry me?"
The guy said "No" and the *girl lived happily ever after and went shopping, drank martinis,
always had a clean house, never had to cook and stayed skinny.

The End

*Sounds like a Jewish Princess to me.

H/T Cousin Michael in France. He can be contacted here

JCom Radio - Local Publicity

London, UK

Making music: Jewish radio station Jcom, based at Golders Green, is looking for presenters, producers and other volunteers.

Launched last Tuesday afternoon by Deputy Mayor for London Nicky Gavron, the station will broadcast across north west London on 101.4FM for the next four weeks in the hope of being granted a full-time licence.

It will also broadcast through the internet at and include news, phone-ins, interviews, music, sport, food, religion, travel, comedy, children's interests and lifestyles.

Presenter Jeremy Jacobs said: "If all goes to plan, 2008 will herald the UK's first full-time, permanent Jewish station - something we all agree is long overdue."

Monday, November 05, 2007

Jingle Bells, Ramsgate Smells, Margate leads the way

I'm reliably informed by that well-known Margate blogger, Tony Flaig that Ramsgate ( the chav-dump next door) has won "smelliest toilet award" (now there's a surprise)

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Speakers Corner

What an afternoon! Two Toastmaster Clubs organised a special "open meeting" at the world-famous Speakers Corner in central London. And, the weather was kind to us!

Yours truly was "Toastmaster" or MC for today's proceedings. As usual the meeting started with Table Topics. This is where members of the audience are given a minute and a half to speak about a topic. (One is given about 5 seconds notice). Later, and taking a special role was Andrew Klimaytis of Riverside Communicators. He answered questions from the audience, who by the way, including several professional hecklers! Then Jonathan Palmer from London Corinthians gave a rendition of his speech called "Odyssey". He'll be given that speech at the Toastmaster Divisional Contest next weekend in Harrogate.

If you've never been to a Toastmasters meeting, then do go along. It's free and fun.

Japanese Atrocities


Theo Spark has outlined this story which appears in the Mail. My father has told me some stories about the Japs from his days in Burma in WWII. Shocking stuff.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Ah So

I must get one of these and terrorise Golders Green.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Corporate Presenter breaking news's official, I'm a Prince.

Tomorrow night tune in to J Com Radio 101.4 FM Radio or log on to http://www.jcom/ radio and listen to ME being interview by Prince Jeremy Jacobs (below) - between 7 and 8 pm you can even ring in with your questions about JP life and I might give you the odd tip or TWO THOUSAND.
So speaking of TIPs lets talk about a most important subject FLOWER ARRANGING.
Once in a while I indulge, ok every Friday but I make a point of bying fresh cut flowers that are in season. Yes it is extravagant but it cheers me up especially now it is dark at LUNCHTIME. So today I bought orange roses for my lounge, pink for the kitchen and glad it was Friday Gladioli for my tv room. When I got home and sat down with my cup of boiled water, (I’m detoxing) and looked over to the corner of the room where my favourite black vase stands. Guess what ? the magic Grandma Fairy had come in and filled it with beautiful flowers. Now doesn’t that put a smile on your face? So if you want to do something special for someone and you have their house keys (don’t try breaking in!) Deliver and arrange flowers now that is A PRINCESS PERFECT FLOWER ARRANGING TIP.
Speak to you tomorrow ON THE RADIO OH OH OH, ON THE

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Barnet Education Business Partnership

London, UK

Earlier this evening I attended the BEBP annual awards. It was held at the Pentland Centre in Finchley. Amongst those in attendance were local MP's Rudi Vis and Andrew Dismore along with Brian Coleman, leader of the Conservative group at the GLA.

The highlight of the evening was a short presentation by four 14-year old school boys who had clearly benefited from being involved in a presentation skills course. Many local business people, including me, are occasionally asked by our local authority in Barnet to help run sessions with local schools. Just recently there's been a major drive with a project called "Presentation Matters" which was the brainchild of a colleague of mine, Annette Kurer of Ark Consultants.

Giving young people the opportunity to learn important skills such as presentation and public-speaking makes them "more employable" said Declan Swan of the NEBPN

Jewish Princess on Jcom Radio 101.4 FM

from The Jewish Princess are my guests on "Press & Play". Tune in to 101.4FM if you live in north-west London this Saturday between 7pm - 8pm, or listen in via the Internet.

Poppy Appeal

So I dropped my £1 coin in the red charity box and the lady from the British Legion said "here's your poppy". "Would you like a pin"? "Yes please", I replied with glee. She then stuttered and explained in a sarcastic voice, "I'm duty bound by Health and Safety regulations to tell you" - wait for it - "this is a pin and it might be sharp. It may give you a little prick".

The lady, her assistant and I all fell about laughing.

LSQTV - coming soon