Monday, November 19, 2007

Margate Exodus

My home town if Margate is swimming around the national conscience at present. There's the macabre story about those terrible murders. Read here.

And as I'm posting this, Channel 4 are showing "Exodus". (See this about the Margate Exodus.)
You'll be relieved to know that it isn't a story about the author's departure from Margate to the Borscht Belt of north-west London in the 1970's but a well publicized drama. Read all about it here.

As if by fluke, neighbouring town Ramsgate featured heavily as well this evening. For those of you with an architectural bent will be aware of Augustus Pugin. Tony Robinson and the Time Team at Channel 4 TV presented a brilliant (albeit repeat) of Pugin, The God of Gothic.

More on Pugin here.

There's a bust of him at Eastcliffe in Ramsgate.


Anonymous said...

Normally I'm more than slightly ashamed of being born in the cabbage centre of the world (aka Margate) but the Exodus isn't actually half bad so far!

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Me,I'm never ashamed of being born in Margate. Cabbage centre - that's Ramsgate isn't it?