Thursday, November 01, 2007

Barnet Education Business Partnership

London, UK

Earlier this evening I attended the BEBP annual awards. It was held at the Pentland Centre in Finchley. Amongst those in attendance were local MP's Rudi Vis and Andrew Dismore along with Brian Coleman, leader of the Conservative group at the GLA.

The highlight of the evening was a short presentation by four 14-year old school boys who had clearly benefited from being involved in a presentation skills course. Many local business people, including me, are occasionally asked by our local authority in Barnet to help run sessions with local schools. Just recently there's been a major drive with a project called "Presentation Matters" which was the brainchild of a colleague of mine, Annette Kurer of Ark Consultants.

Giving young people the opportunity to learn important skills such as presentation and public-speaking makes them "more employable" said Declan Swan of the NEBPN

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