Tuesday, November 06, 2007

JCom Radio - Local Publicity

London, UK

Making music: Jewish radio station Jcom, based at Golders Green, is looking for presenters, producers and other volunteers.

Launched last Tuesday afternoon by Deputy Mayor for London Nicky Gavron, the station will broadcast across north west London on 101.4FM for the next four weeks in the hope of being granted a full-time licence.

It will also broadcast through the internet at www.jcomradio.net and include news, phone-ins, interviews, music, sport, food, religion, travel, comedy, children's interests and lifestyles.

Presenter Jeremy Jacobs said: "If all goes to plan, 2008 will herald the UK's first full-time, permanent Jewish station - something we all agree is long overdue."


CityUnslicker said...

is it to be streamed online for those not lucky enough to live in golders green or hampstead?

Beaman said...

Sounds fun. I'll hook up through the net and listen. Thanks for the tip.