Friday, November 02, 2007

Corporate Presenter breaking news's official, I'm a Prince.

Tomorrow night tune in to J Com Radio 101.4 FM Radio or log on to http://www.jcom/ radio and listen to ME being interview by Prince Jeremy Jacobs (below) - between 7 and 8 pm you can even ring in with your questions about JP life and I might give you the odd tip or TWO THOUSAND.
So speaking of TIPs lets talk about a most important subject FLOWER ARRANGING.
Once in a while I indulge, ok every Friday but I make a point of bying fresh cut flowers that are in season. Yes it is extravagant but it cheers me up especially now it is dark at LUNCHTIME. So today I bought orange roses for my lounge, pink for the kitchen and glad it was Friday Gladioli for my tv room. When I got home and sat down with my cup of boiled water, (I’m detoxing) and looked over to the corner of the room where my favourite black vase stands. Guess what ? the magic Grandma Fairy had come in and filled it with beautiful flowers. Now doesn’t that put a smile on your face? So if you want to do something special for someone and you have their house keys (don’t try breaking in!) Deliver and arrange flowers now that is A PRINCESS PERFECT FLOWER ARRANGING TIP.
Speak to you tomorrow ON THE RADIO OH OH OH, ON THE

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Colin Campbell said...

At least you are not a Queen Jeremy.