Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"Say You Don't Mind" - Colin Blunstone, 1972

A blast from the past.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Coming soon.................

Immigration - More Government Incompetence

London, UK

So the Government has got it wrong (well there's a surprise). This in today's Times on-line:

Peter Hain was forced to apologise last night after admitting that the number of foreign citizens working in Britain had increased by 300,000 more than he told MPs earlier this month.

More amusingly, the vocally-challenged Caroline Flint (I wrote about her here earlier this year) had to justify the mistake made by her colleagues. I counted 27 non-words from her this morning in her interview with Jim Naughtie. She would clearly benefit from going on a course like this run by Helen Sewell

Monday, October 29, 2007

La Belle France

Thoroughly enjoyed my "mini-holiday" to France this weekend. Getting away, even for a couple of days, really can boost ones spirit. Met loads of new people, learnt plenty and had the opportunity to speak.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Halle Berry should keep her mouth firmly shut

She was forced into an apology after saying on the Jay Leno show that a picture of her made her "look like my Jewish cousin". When faced with the realisation that this may have caused offence to some, she exclaimed "is that my career over"?

Perhaps it is Halle, perhaps it is............... but she looked pretty cool last night in London. It was the Premiere of her latest film, Things We Lost In The Fire:

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A new Jewish radio station

A new Jewish radio station is about to hit the airwaves,
and we hope you will play your part in making it a success!
As from 7am on Sunday 28th October, Jcom will be broadcasting through the internet ( with programmes created for every section of the community.
The station has a full schedule of features covering news,
phone-ins, interviews, music, sports, food, religion, travel, comedy, children’s interests and lifestyles.
For the first four weeks (28th Oct – 24th Nov), Jcom will also be
broadcasting across North West London on 101.4m on FM.
The station very much hopes this will be a prelude to getting
a full-time licence for radio broadcasting, and expects to make
an application to the radio regulator, OFCOM, which controls
such matters, at the earliest possible opportunity.
If all goes to plan, 2008 will herald the UK’s first full-time,
permanent Jewish station – something we all agree is long overdue.
Fifty presenters, producers and other volunteers are working tirelessly to create a community radio station, but there is always an opportunity for you to get involved – it could just be a hobby, or turn into a whole new career!
Individuals and organisations can become members of Jcom,
and the broadcasts and website provide a unique route
for advertisers and sponsors to reach the Jewish audience.

Yours truly has a show on Saturday nights from 7pm - 8pm. For the latest in news, views and JEWS, tune in to PRESS and PLAY , 101.4FM

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Look your very best

This is one of the strap-lines used by House of Colour, the UK-based image consultancy.

They're quite right. Whether you're male or female, it's so important to wear clothes which are the right colour, shade and style. Get it wrong and you could lose that pitch, job interview or tv presenter audition.

If you live in North London area (Southgate, Totteridge and surrounding areas) then call Lynne Cantor for a consultation, advice or ideas give Lynne . She's on 07841 285011

841 285011
7841 285011

2 things to do with a Quince

London, UK

Make marmalade or jam from it. Now you may wonder what I'm doing writing about an obscure fruit such as the quince. Well my travels today included a visit to the wilds of Suffolk, whereupon I came across the owner of this quince tree. (You can just make out the hanging fruit) For 50p I bought four and continued with my trip.

Are you aware of the quince? When was the last time you saw one in your local Tesco or Asda?

The quince, at one time, was one of nearly 3000 species of the apple and pear family available in England. This site has some useful information


For the benefit of those who can't figure out Google Images, a quince, or rather a photo of one has just appeared in this post!

Monday, October 22, 2007

50 half - term treats

London, UK

This list from the Guardian seems to have a wide range of activities.

For those of us without offspring, just how difficult can school holidays actually be?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Day at the Seaside

London, UK

It was most pleasant to be driven the 80 or so miles by my nephew from the smoke to the seaside. My father and some glorious sunshine greeted us. Luncheon was taken at the reasonably priced Minnis Bay restaurant. Then a tour took in West Bay for an hour or two's basking before the The Captain Digby (how that place has changed) was reached for a quick drink, then a return trip to Westgate-on-Sea via this wonderful sunset view of Margate Harbour. (No wonder Turner was inspired)

Having gulped down a cup of ordinary white coffee (remember those days) I then stared in amazement at my fathers ability to finish off the most absurd looking cappuccino. This consisted of an ordinary white coffee with a dollop of "spray cream", you know the one you get from a can, shoved on top. A smattering of chocolate powder was then liberally applied. One was then expected to drink it. Over the squarking of black-headed seagulls, one could hear the whine of "estuary English" from those who had come "darn to Margit" to retire. As a child growing up in Margate, one would be more likely to hear a softer, more genteel, turn of phrase. Sadly, this is now rare.

A Mr Brookbanks of Chandler's Ford wrote a wonderful letter to the Times last week. He was lamenting the passing of "Crusha" milkshake flavours and in particular, lime. (His letter would have won easily won letter of the month in my "Disappearing Britain" section). I seem to remember those being sold at various establishments along the seafront years ago. The very efficient manager of the West Bay Cafe said (after I had asked whether he had any) "sorry mate, there's no call for it". How about banana, chocolate or strawberry? I responded in the negative and he then scurried off carrying his tray of empty cups and used napkins.

"No call for it indeed". Of course, if you wanted another helping of bacon & eggs or chips, chips and chips then zoom along (when weather permits) to the West Bay Cafe. Bring back Crusha lime milkshake!!

No wonder obesity and sloth are rife in Margate.

Yours truly at Minnis Bay

Lewis Hamilton, F1 World Champion?

Looks like Lewis Hamilton might have done it after all.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Leicester Square TV (LSQTV)

Over here, I've highlighted the launch of a brand new Web TV Channel coming your way soon. It's called LSQTV.

Yours truly and Claire Bueno will be co-presenting.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Ask for what you want

London, UK

Three networking do's in three days this week. Tiring but very worthwhile!

You know it really is amazing the people that one meets. I met someone earlier this week who knows a pop-music celebrity. That person has now agreed to do an interview with me. This will be broadcast early next year on the web tv channel I'm involved with.

Yesterday evening, a chance encounter with someone in the corporate arena will lead to speaking opportunities.

The spiritualist author, Shakti Gawain sums it up with this quote:

"You create your opportunities by asking for them".

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Blog of the Week - Stefan Topfer's Small Business Blog

One of the best blogs I've seen concerning small business. Stefan's Small Business Blog is full of useful information.

There are articles on every aspect on running a small business from employing staff and book-keeping to sales and marketing.

Check it out here.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What's your achievement of 2007?

Ok, so it looks like I got it wrong

Were your predictions for 2007 any better? Not likely.

and just to remind you, they're here

Monday, October 15, 2007

UN = Anti-Semites?

Make your own mind up about the United Nations. This from Melanie Phillips.

The war against the Jews

The venomous animosity displayed by the UN towards Israel has been amply documented (if generally ignored). Now John Dugard, the UN human rights envoy for the Palestinian Territories, has vented a stream of this poison. BBC Online reports him saying that he will urge the world body to withdraw from the Quartet of Middle East mediators unless it addresses Palestinian human rights, since the US, EU, UN and Russia were failing to protect the Palestinians.

‘Every time I visit, the situation seems to have worsened,’ he said in a BBC interview. This time, I was very struck by the sense of hopelessness among the Palestinian people.’ Mr Dugard attributed this to ‘the crushing effect of human rights violations’, and in particular Israeli restrictions on Palestinians’ freedom of movement.

Yes, the Palestinians’ situation has worsened. This is principally the result of two things. a) The regime of terror instituted by the Hamas administration for which the Palestinians so unwisely voted and which is progressively making their lives a misery; and b) the restrictions imposed by the Israelis to counter the rockets which the Palestinians are lobbing at Israeli towns from Gaza, and the human bomb attacks they are ceaselessly attempting to perpetrate against Israelis. Strangely, Dugard makes no mention of either.

He said that although Israel did have a threat to its security, ‘its response is very disproportionate’.

Let’s see now: checkpoints to stop its citizens from being murdered? Very disproportionate. Targeted assassinations, to kill terror godfathers while sparing innocent Palestinians as far as possible? Very disproportionate. Sitting on Israeli hands while rockets fired from Gaza slam into southern Israeli towns? Very disproportionate.

And what does Dugard have to say about Palestinians murdering other Palestinians? Last Saturday, Palestinian Authority forces shot dead two Palestinians, including a 5-year-old boy in Qalqilyah on the West Bank. Last month, masked gunmen attacked an 28 year-old Christian woman in Gaza city and looted a church.What does Dugard say about such crimes? Nothing. How very disproportionate.

He said the purpose of some of the checkpoints in the middle of the West Bank was to break it up ‘into a number of cantons and make the life of Palestinians as miserable as possible’.

The checkpoints are there for one reason only; to protect innocent Israelis from murderous Arab savagery. If there was no Arab violence, there would be no checkpoints.

The South African retired professor of international law said the response of the Quartet was weak because it was ‘heavily influenced’ by the US.

Ah; now would that be the same US whose Secretary of State is currently saying:

‘It’s time for the establishment of a Palestinian state’

and intends to force Israel to agree, even while the Arabs in this putative state are showing what they would use such a state for by continuing even now to attack Israel by bomb and rocket — thus rewarding annihilatory terror and throwing Israel to the wolves?

The Quartet failed to engage properly on human rights, he said, and was also failing to deal with the current rift between the rival Palestinian factions of Fatah and Hamas. The militant Islamist movement Hamas seized the Gaza Strip in June, ousting Fatah, which is led by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Mr Dugard said the rift was threatening the Palestinians’ right to self-determination, and that the UN ‘should be playing the role of the mediator’. ‘Instead the international community has given its support almost completely to one faction - to Fatah,’ he said. “That’s not the role the UN should take.’

Of course not. It should give its support equally to a group that stands not just for the destruction of Israel and the murder and ethnic cleansing of Jews but the Islamisation of the entire region and its subjugation to tyranny.

Mr Dugard said he saw a greater danger - that of the Palestinian Authority raising expectations too high in the Palestinian community. ‘If those expectations are not met, I fear there may be serious consequences,’ he added. The consequences include the possibility of a third ‘intifada, a large-scale, violent uprising against the Israelis, he said.

Mr Dugard said this should be no surprise.’ Inevitably in a military occupation, there are likely to be those engaged in resistance.’ These people may be labelled terrorists, Mr Dugard added, but history treats them differently. He cited the example of the French Resistance during World War II, and those in Namibia who fought occupation by South Africa. ‘Now,’ he said, ‘they are in government and treated as heroes.’

So there we have it: a UN adviser who is endorsing and justifying a further campaign of genocidal mass murder against Jews by totalitarian Islamists, which he equates with the French resistance against Fascism. And people wonder why the world is teetering on the edge of catastrophe.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Halloween Party

Are you having a party to celebrate? If so, check out this new on-line store for the best in ghoulish outfits:

Blog of the Day Award

London, UK

I've won "Blog of the Day Award" by the very nice people at "Fuel My Blog".

Not, I may add, for this esteemed Blog but for Jeremy Jacobs. com

Vowel Detox

London, UK

Our Health Minister, Alan Johnson (bless his cotton socks) says that obesity in the UK is a potential crisis on the scale of climate change"

Prhps bs ppl shld g n vwl dtx fr prd f n lss thn fr wks. Tht n m pnn wll rdc ft by twnty prcnt vr th nxt yr. I m vry gtfl t a cllg t Fcbk fr sggstg ths. Anthr vry gd id s t hv a vwl fr blggng wk n th Blgsphr. Wt d y ll thnk bt tht d?

Jrmy Jcbs

Blogging does work

London, UK

Received a phone call from someone who had seen my entry at the Presenter Centre. My audition is in a few days time.

1066 and all that

Today, October 14th, 1066. The Battle of Hastings,

Read about it HERE

Sick as a parrot ou mal comme un perroquet

Well what do you expect if you don't take your chances and play badly in defence?

Answer, you tend to lose.

Today's FA Cup exit at the hands of Hitchin Town (how embarrasing is that) was awful. We allowed a very average side to dominate possession and paid the price. 1-0 down after 20 minutes, Margate did come and should have equalised before half-time. Two further goals were conceded before a dramatic comeback. Three goals in ten minutes to get back to 3-3 before the home side slotted their winner with a quarter of an hour to go.

Three goals in the last 10 minutes were enough to beat Fisher Ath. in the last round but no such luck today.

Elsewhere, "les rosbifs" shatter French dreams by reaching the Rugby World Cup Final with a 14-9 victory over the home side in Paris.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Allez les Blancs!


So England take on "les frogs" c'est soir at the Stade de France. I think England will bow out gracefully to the French tonight, who in turn, will be beaten by South Africa in the Final.

In football, England will breeze past Estonia, whilst yours truly will be biting nails at Hitchin, hoping to see the blue & white army progress to the next round of the FA Cup.

Have a great weekend!

BTW, On this day 6 years ago, Margate drew 1 -1 with Doncaster Rovers in the Conference (now called the Blue Square Premier)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Today's interesting fact.....

October 12th, 1822

Brazil became independent from Portugal.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

No to Search Engine Optimization?

London, UK

Once again Graham Jones has highlighted how ineffectual Search Engine Optimization can be. In his latest article, Graham highlights that if you want to get up the rankings, then add content, content and more content. What's interesting is that Graham suggests that it can be any content.

I agree with him on this point. When I've had a break from blogging, Google Analytics shows a drop in my readership. Is this your experience too? Or do you feel that highly focused content is best?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Thank God for Google

I'm sure my success with the opposite sex is in part due to my high profile in the Blogosphere. For those of you who are not - BEWARE

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Success with E-Commerce

London, UK

One of the best writers on the subject of E-Commerce is my colleague at Viewpoint Business, Graham Jones. I'm sure he would be impressed by this new e-commerce site. It's called Novelties4Parties. As you'll see, the site is well constructed and easy-to-use. It also scores well on these points:

  • Easy shopping cart
  • "Free shipping and "No hidden charges" are at the top
  • Lots of product available
In addition to the site itself, there's a blog.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Melanie Phillips on the ball again

with this

Michael Palin on BBC1 - Margate & Yalta

So pleasing to see my home town of Margate mentioned on Michael Palin's travel programme this evening. Years ago, Margate & Yalta were "twinned" with each other. Judging by tonight's programme, Yalta appears to be holding up as a seaside resort rather better! Having said that, the above photo from 2003, shows a reasonably busy Margate seafront.

How to overcome the pain of losing your job in 2007

London, UK

Are you seriously fearful or worried about losing your job this year? Well you may have good cause to feel a degree of anxiety. According to the
Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), the recent stock market madness could result in thousands on lost jobs in the City of London. Experts say tighter debt markets, fewer private equity deals and the Northern Rock crisis could see some 6,500 workers axed following four years of rapid growth.

The warning comes in a report from the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), which says most cuts - about 2,300 - will be seen in the investment banking sector. It also claims the fund management industry is expected to reduce its headcount by around 1,600. With fewer stock market launches on the cards, more traditional City sectors such as securities are expected to axe around 1,200 posts.

Have you dealt with redundancy before? Were you panicked by the situation, or did you take stock and recognise that it was an opportunity to do something different with your life? You may need to take time out and re-assess your aims and ambitions.

This I found very interesting about life after redundancy, or any other major life change. There's much more to read here:

The stages of transition were first recognised in the 60’s in studies of bereavement. In the 70’s it was realised that this process may be triggered by any major life event, good or bad, in work as well as personal life eg in a new job or after redundancy. The same process also accounts for the "survivor syndrome" – loss of morale in organisations a few months after large scale changes eg re-organisations, redundancies or take-overs.

Figure 1: The transition cycle - a template for human responses to change (Williams, 99)
{The transition cycle - a template for human responses to change}

The several phases of transition are shown in Figure 1. These involve predictable hazards, but can also lead to major opportunities. Initial reactions depend on whether the event was good or bad. But after 3-4 months inner contradictions develop between our old view of the world, or what we expected to happen, and the new situation. The issues are usually too deep to recognise eg feelings of betrayal after redundancy if we had given great loyalty to the organisation, or lost hopes for the future after separation or bereavement.

We may become irritable, then anxious or confused and lose confidence without knowing why. Stress and anxiety can develop into a personal transition crisis. If the contradictions affect deeply held beliefs they may de-stabilise other parts of our life. Trust betrayed in one situation may cast doubt on other relationships.

The main hazards of the crisis phase result from severe stress and failing to recognise beliefs that are no longer valid. This tension can lead to loss of sleep and hence fatigue, errors of judgement, loss of strategic thinking, accidents and indiscretions or "moments of madness". These put severe strains on work performance and personal relationships. There may be a strong urge to escape the situation – quitting jobs or relationships. If the situation is not recognised it may lead to nervous collapse needing several weeks of sick leave. If a whole team is in crisis this becomes evident in conflict and scapegoating.

Most individuals work through this crisis phase in a few weeks. Enabling factors include economic security, emotional support from family, friends and work colleagues, time for regular exercise and a supportive work environment. The key task to break out of the crisis phase is to identify and let go of hopes or beliefs that are no longer appropriate. To do this it helps to value good events before the change started and to re-affirm personal qualities and beliefs that are still important to us. This may happen in a "defining moment" which may include standing up for yourself on a point of principle.

For example a new relationship outside work may radically alter our life priorities so that overtime given freely (or demanded) before now imposes unacceptably on our personal time.

This may highlight unfairness in working practices that have been unquestioned for too long. Defining moments may look like rebellion to managers. But they may actually be valuable warnings in over-stressed organisations – one employee may be expressing an underlying concern that affects the morale and performance of many others.

Breaking out of a transition crisis is cathartic: an extended period of stress is released with a new sense of calm, well being and energy. Once our mind is freed up from strain it re-organises itself spontaneously within a few weeks. This recovery phase is an exciting process because we see the world more clearly. More accurate insights into the new reality help us to see new opportunities. Teams in recovery develop great energy and creativity. The recovery phase offers opportunities for personal development and starts a new life phase (check your lifeline for your own experiences of this). Seeing someone break out from crisis to recovery is like watching a flower open.

Jeremy Jacobs

Tangerines, Robins & Canaries

A title of a poem or some form of abstract art? Well neither, just the latest post at MFC's official website. It's the FA Cup again next week. I'm travelling a few miles up the A1(M) to see, hopefully, Margate conquer the Canaries. Not Norwich City but Hitchin Town who share the famous Norfolk club's nickname.

Whilst the rest of the population is glued to the "box" watching England v Estonia ( how riveting is that) in the Euro qualifiers or France v England in the Rugby World Cup, several hundred souls will be watching one of the most fascinating qualification round ties of this seasons FA Cup. For those of you who'd like to know a little more, please go to the FA website.

If you live in the London area, BBC London 94.9FM, has the "Non-League Football Show" on Monday nights at 9pm.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Brown 'rules out' autumn election

Not yet quite confirmed but it is likely that Mr Brown will just get on with the job. Or rather his job, as many of us don't care much for his stealth taxes and raid on pensions. That though is for another day. The question on my mind after a week of "election-fever" is....

Isn't it about time we had fixed-term parliaments?

Natasha Kaplinksky Goes

Oh dear, the Strine tart at the Daily Mail, Amanda Platell, has had a dig at the lovely and talented Natasha Kaplinsky. Calling her Spangles (don't know why), she writes at the Mail on-line:

Spangles or Moira - it's no contest

Oh happy days! Spangles Kaplinsky is leaving the BBC to become the face of Channel Five News (they'll have to get the brains from elsewhere).

Now perhaps we can look forward to the return of the polished and comforting Sophie Raworth (elbowed out by Spangles while she was on maternity leave) or the arrival of the charming and talented Kate Silverton.

And with viewing figures for Five News just a tenth of what she got at the BBC, at least Spangles will finally get the audience she deserves.

If the reports are to be believed, Miss Kaplinsky will be paid £1million a year.

Me? I suspect that's just her make-up budget.

..................and what right has Platypus to say such horrible things? She goes on:

Still, it's a testament to the warped priorities of TV today that in the same week that Spangles secured her whopper deal, Britain's most respected female newscaster of them all was finally axed by the BBC.

Goodbye Moira Stuart. God knows, we'll miss you.

I've written about Moira here and up to a point I agree with her views but to suggest Sophie Raworth and Kate Silverton are better than Natasha is absurd. I suspect there's a little hint of jealousy here. Come on now Amanda just because you wish you were back advising the Conservative Party. (Rumour has it she didn't even vote on one occasion)

Jeremy Jacobs

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Words Fail Me

London, UK

But these 17 don't. Seen at Bobbin Beam Blog (Voice-over)

I enjoy motivational books, programs, speakers, and topics. Basically any motivating strategy that can inspire me to meet my goals is fundamental to my life.

I am always on a quest to conquer my goals. I keep lists of them, large and small, and I try to accomplish something daily to meet them.

If you use your imagination, and visualize yourself doing something, it is entirely attainable. I keep the following little card in my wallet with the following 17 words and focus on one or more that seem to jump ut at me on any given day:

Choose Believe Persist

Smile Accept Prepare

Forgive Relax Care

Listen Act Focus

Pray Trust Change

Wait Risk

"Persist" is my middle name.

Jeremy Jacobs - Corporate Presenter

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Law Reform

London, UK

"The Lawyer" reports that top firm Nabarro's is to stop its lawyers from using words such as "therein" and "forthwith". 30 or so of the firms employees are being sent back to school to learn simple English. Who's the teacher, Jade Goody ?

In my view, there are other words which should be consigned to history. Two of them I noticed on my travels earlier today:

"Purveyor" - on a notice saying "purveyors of motor spares to the motor industry". Why can't they just say suppliers?
Then there's this favourite - "alight", only seen in or around railway stations. Wouldn't a plain "get off" be better?

Jeremy Jacobs - Corporate Presenter

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Post Office Closures

One of the best blog posts written on this subject is from Dr Simon Moores of Thanet Life. He highlights what's happening in the area where I spent my formative years.

Great cat!

Post Office Closures - Is Yours on the List?

Among those being closed in Thanet North are Minnis Road in Birchington, Dane Road in Margate and Canterbury Road in Westbrook.

You can see the Meridian News report here:

In Thanet South, Laura Sandys, the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate has condemned the Post Office culling programme that is proposing the closures in South Thanet - Cliffs End, Grange Road in Ramsgate and Bellevue Road in Ramsgate and the village post office of Woodnesborough.

"It cannot be right to close a post office in the small community of Cliffs End that supports the only shop in the village. The residents will have to either get on the bus or get in their car if the community shop does not survive. This will hit the most vulnerable the worst.

“Ironically Cliffs End post office was opened by Dr Ladyman MP to great fanfare. However since then it appears that he has done little to support it. In 2006 in Parliament he voted against the Conservative motion to help save our post offices and has done little to stop the Government’s policies of eroding sub post offices business opportunities.

“Woodnesborough has one of the prettiest post offices in Kent and serves the whole community of 500 households. It is at the heart of the village and again without the post office service will the shop survive?”

“Government policies have undermined the small post offices’ businesses. It has stripped pension and TV license and Road Tax business away from sub post offices and it is Gordon Brown who, as Chancellor, designed the financial plan for the Post Office and must carry the can for the destruction of a first-class community service.

“The Post Office is putting forward proposals for Mobile Post offices, home visits and the like but these will not assist the small retail businesses that are vital to local people and that have historically been founded upon and around post offices.

“I hope that communities up and down the County will write individually in response to the "consultation" so that we can save those community post offices that serve the most vulnerable in our towns and villages.”

Please send letters to me and to Garry Herbert, Network Development Manager, FREEPOST – Consultation – or sign my petition on line at and go to petitions. I will forward your names and comments to the post office."