Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Law Reform

London, UK

"The Lawyer" reports that top firm Nabarro's is to stop its lawyers from using words such as "therein" and "forthwith". 30 or so of the firms employees are being sent back to school to learn simple English. Who's the teacher, Jade Goody ?

In my view, there are other words which should be consigned to history. Two of them I noticed on my travels earlier today:

"Purveyor" - on a notice saying "purveyors of motor spares to the motor industry". Why can't they just say suppliers?
Then there's this favourite - "alight", only seen in or around railway stations. Wouldn't a plain "get off" be better?

Jeremy Jacobs - Corporate Presenter


Liz Hinds said...

'Get' is such an ugly word though. I agree there are words that sound old-fashioned but much lovelier.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Has other meanings in Golders Green!

Interesting you use the word ugly.