Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Immigration - More Government Incompetence

London, UK

So the Government has got it wrong (well there's a surprise). This in today's Times on-line:

Peter Hain was forced to apologise last night after admitting that the number of foreign citizens working in Britain had increased by 300,000 more than he told MPs earlier this month.

More amusingly, the vocally-challenged Caroline Flint (I wrote about her here earlier this year) had to justify the mistake made by her colleagues. I counted 27 non-words from her this morning in her interview with Jim Naughtie. She would clearly benefit from going on a course like this run by Helen Sewell

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Anonymous said...

We have absolutely no idea about the numbers of migrants in this country. Blair is to blame for this, he allowed them to enter with no limits following enlargement in 2002.