Monday, July 24, 2006

Are we being short-sighted?

From the UKIP's website - comments by Nigel Farage on the possible future problems caused by the addition of Bulgaria and Romania to the EU. My take on immigration, illegal or otherwise, isn't always in line with my colleagues in UKIP. I'm more of a pragmatist. If we genuinely need workers from these countries, then allow them in - but on a restrictive visa arrangement.................................

Immigration: All spin and no action


The Home Secretary's plans for stricter border controls were today (24.7.06) condemned as "a farce".

The apparent promise by John Reid for a single border control agency, which would control British airports and ports, is nothing more than a window-dressing exercise, the UK Independence Party said today.

"Putting passport officers in uniforms will do nothing to reverse the rocketing immigration into this country" said UKIP MEP Nigel Farage. "Even the announcement of more staff is nothing more than spin, since they will simply be making up the deficit of immigration officers which this Government has allowed."

Mr Farage continued: "This is the same Home Office who predicted immigration from Eastern Europe of only 13,000 a year, when in fact the figure is 600,000 and rising."

Of more concern to the Home Office should be the influx of immigrants from Bulgaria and Romania, who are due to join the EU in January 2007. A leaked memo showed that around 45,000 heading for the UK are criminals.

Mr Farage added: "This Government is still perpetrating the myth that they can do something about who enters our country. In fact, the only way John Reid can halt these criminals entering the UK is by halting the automatic right of residence and employment which EU nationals currently have.

"Once these people are in the UK, it will be illegal for the Home Office to deport them under EU rules. Mr Blair must take a firm stand and veto the accession of Bulgaria and Romania when the topic is debated in October."

Germany and France are among two EU countries who did not grant these rights to the enlargement nationals, and they have seen their immigration decline.


Bulgaria and Romania are due to join the European Union in January 2007. Under EU rules, the UK is forbidden from discriminating on grounds of nationality even if a person is convicted of a criminal offence.

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