Monday, February 12, 2007

Darwin Day

Today, February 12th, is Darwin Day. Charles Darwin was born in 1809.

Have you signed this petition?

Image used by kind perimission of The Natural History Museum, London

Image used by kind permission of the Natural History Museum, London


Dr Michelle Tempest said...

Hi Jeremy, Just to say I've added you as a link from my site. I think your site is a great mix of personal insight and fact. Keep up the great work. Michelle

James Higham said...

Jeremy, why are you trying to celebrate a man whose theory was demonstrably flawed and is behind the demise of education in the West, along with Karl Marx?

Jeremy Jacobs said...

I take it you're being ironic?


Anonymous said...

I don't hold out much hope, but worth a try. He was a good Cambridge citizen.

Happy Valentine's Day, btw, not sure what Darwin thought of this.