Sunday, February 24, 2008

Are you offended by this?

London, UK

I'm grateful to Spanish Pundit for plastering this on her/his Blog.

This is the attached comment:

The painting we can see above is Venus, by Lucas Cranach the Elder. The painting is the star of one of the best expositions that is going to take place in the Royal Academy from May 8th. Reason for not showing it? Fear of offending some passengers of the London Underground.

In the Age of Multicultural Idiocy, we not only have to ask for forgiveness for the stupidest things. Now we also have to avoid doing things in order not to offend other stupid people.

It is curious, though that is Venus, the Roman goddess of love (the Greek Aphrodite) the one who is censored. This is one of the stupidest news Ihave heard in a long time. If someone finds this offensive, he/she needs a psychiatrist!!

At some point in the future of these Isles, political-correctness and other nonsense will be eradicated.


Unknown said...

Thanks for posting it. You know, I'm offended by the idiocy some politicians have when adressing extremists... /ironic mode on/ Should I begin a riot?/ironic mode off/

The problem with all of these idiots is that they are supporting the extremists and telling the normal citize, he is not going to be respected if he is not violent and shows it... A shame and a superb idiocy. :(

Oh, and I'm a woman... :D And don't complain: we have Zapatero here... GRRRR... and it's not clear he is going to lose on next March elections...

fake consultant said...

the laws of physics often apply to human thinking as well, and this is an excellent example.

we'll recall that activity inevitably drifts toward entropy...and the same is true with free and open thought.

absent a renaissance, dull, boring, and puritannical seem to carry the day in much of human history...and the advent of tougher economic times and greater national insecurity argues against an "opening up" of thought anytime soon.

Unknown said...

I don't think this is even puritanical. This is only stupidity in its higher grade. I have seen lots of photographies for publicity much less elegant and delicate than this picture.

But yes, it's clear that we are going towards much darker times, something about which we cannot blame only (and perhaps neither mostly) to people coming from abroad... If we cannot defend our way of life, we cannot expect the foreigners are going to... :(

Anonymous said...

Yes, I happen to find this picture very offensive! Just look at her ear, it is way too big! Can't they add a scarf around her head with a crayon or something? Geez! ;)

James Higham said...

Strange - it's a topic also on my mind lately.