Thursday, June 26, 2008

How not to exhibit yourself

London, UK

Yesterday I was at well known exhibition centre in West London. Within a few minutes of my arrival, I was in critique mode. Why oh why do people ask closed questions? You know the sort of thing don't you. Here's a list of what was asked of me yesterday:

1. Do you have responsibility for buying at your company?

2. Can you fill out this survey form?

3. Can I "zap" you first? (they then attempt to place an electronic implement upon your bar-coded delegate badge)

4. Would you like to try our sweets? (I was taught never to take sweets from strangers)

5. Would you like a brochure?

Then there's dress mode or rather the lack of it! I highlighted this in a post in April

Sometimes I despair!

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Anonymous said...

You're right Jeremy. So many people have no clue how to handle themselves on an exhibition stand