Sunday, July 06, 2008

How to get Testimonials

London, UK

If you've done a good job as a corporate host or presenter, then make sure you get people to write and tell you. Testimonials are important in getting you new business opportunities. Here's a couple I received last year in addition to those on the left-hand side of this blog:

"Thank you so much for your input at our recent "Presentation Matters". The group truly gained effective presentation skills. We were amazed at the confidence of the students as a result of the skills they learnt." Lisa Quinn, Barnet Education Partnership.

"Jeremy gave an insightful and compelling talk about his selling and the sales cycle. I've used his day-to-day dealings with customers and colleagues alike" Judith Turner, Women in Property


James Higham said...

Adore the suit.

And thanks.

James Higham said...

Looks pretty relaxed there.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Jeremy looks a bit laid back