Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Madonna and Guy Ritchie in Leicester Square

London, UK

My fellow presenter at LSQ TV, Claire Bueno was with the "fan-cam" team last night for the Premiere of Rock n Rolla.

London: 1 September 2008
www.lsq.tv for all premieres.

Well the summer's over and to get the autumn season underway Guy Ritchie's new "gals n gangster" flick Rock N Rolla had its world premiere in the Square. As the chill set in, the Square was set alight by the appearance of Mrs Ritchie, Madonna herself. She made sure she was the very last celeb to arrive and just made it into the cinema in time. The paparazzi and their flashes were unbelievable. I've not seen such a strobe-o-rama in quite a while. The main cast members showed too. Gerald Butler spent a load of time at the fan-line as did Guy Ritchie. Uber producer Joel Silver came too, spiffily attired in magenta trainers this time. There were media outfits from all over the globe. Madonna signed only a couple as far as I could tell -- there was so little time for her to spend any time at all with fans. A really good premiere with the most extensive red-carpeting of any recent event -- all for Madge.

Cast in attendance:
Guy Ritchie - Director
Joel Silver and Susan Downey - Producers
Gerard Butler
Idris Elba
Thandie Newton
Tom Wilkinson
Mark Strong
Toby Kebbell
Tom Hardy

Celebs spotted:
Trudie Styler
Greg Dyke - ex BBC Chief
Meg Matthews
Oswald Boateng
Leon Jackson
Alex Zane

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Anonymous said...

Leicester Square Television appears to be a good channel. What plana are there for the remainder of 2008?