Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross to quit BBC?

London, UK

Both of these two presenters have featured on my two sites in recent times. Russell Brand even appears in my current presenter showreel and I wrote this about Jonathan last year.

Like Iain Dale, I don't think you can completely blame the two for what's happened but the number of complaints about their telephonic misdemeanour received by the BBC has risen to over 10000. This could become a real problem for the Beeb. Question is, will the two presenters be forced to quit the national broadcaster?


Jeremy Jacobs said...

Take a look at this string from my Facebook page........

Jeremy has been asked - "Why don't remove Russell Brand from your presenter showreel"? A: Why should I?via Twitter - 18:44 - 13 comments
Jennifer Pittman at 19:01 on 28 October
A; Because he is about as entertaining as shingles.
James-Guy Jacobs at 19:15 on 28 October
Its been fantastic publcity for Ross, Brand & Radio 2!
Jennifer Pittman at 19:18 on 28 October
Not really, it has proven to me that Brand is an idiot and Ross believes in his own hype. Pair of them should lose their jobs and face charges. I do believe it is an offence to do what they did under the telecommuncations act. AND if you follow the associated links there is a report of Brand doing something similar but to a local police force ... Read moreclaiming to be a serial attacker. Oh HA HA, let's all laugh. In any other circumstances the bloke would be in possession of an ASBO!!!
Jeannie Armstrong at 19:26 on 28 October
And Gordon Brown says it's 'unacceptable' ..is that mispronounced like supernanny I wonder. Brown is overseeing the dismantling and desecration of our country and he has the nerve to pontificate on a prank call by a couple of entertainers- insane! People are sheeplike and love to jump on a good old bandwagon- Brand and Ross were highly popular ... Read moreuntil one prank ignites the discontented chav masses to bay for their blood, and good old Fuhrerbrown steps in to lead the baying. I hate this bloody country and the weak minded people in it nowadays- utterly back stabbing fickle and without moral compass. Well done Jeremy- exactly- why should you jump to the tune of the freedom haters!
Jeannie Armstrong at 19:32 on 28 October
Oh Jennifer listen to yourself will you....why on earth did our forefathers bother fighting the Germans when there's people like you around to campaign for us to have to beg permission to fart. It was a stupid bad prank, but no worse than what our media is filled to overflowing with every other day of the week- your outrage over this is ridiculous.
Jennifer Pittman at 19:33 on 28 October
Oh my word - a prank call is one thing, but what these two did is BEYOND prank. It is an offence under the telecommunications act and I would love your opinion on the acceptability of making a hoax call to the police pretending to be/have information on a serial sexual predator. Talk to the VICTIMS before you start slandering those of use who do ... Read moreactually think Brand and Ross are over-rated and over-paid and that is those that fawn over them that are being sheeplike. I also find it incredibly strange that you consider that those who exhibit this type of behaviour and condone it have a moral compass. I would say it is quite the reverse.
Jennifer Pittman at 19:40 on 28 October
Jeannie - I rather think it is yourself who should take stock. Our forefathers fought the Germans so that we could be free of a dictator not so that people could be subjected to harrassment of this type. I am not outraged at all. I rather think it shows how low some people have gone that they find this type of thing entertaining..... Am I to ... Read moreassume that as you find this acceptable that you would indulge in this type of behaviour yourself? The difference between this and what is in the media is that this was a supposed 'prank' to immaturely 'pay back' Andrew Sachs for not being on their show, what is in the newspapers is by in large grounded in some fact. When it is not libel laws are evoked. I am staggered that someone who appears to consider themself above the majority of the population in both intelligence and morality is incapable of understanding that ....
Jeannie Armstrong at 19:41 on 28 October
You are missing the point entirely Jennifer...and as for prank calls to the police...there's no officers left on the streets to respond to the calls so it makes no odds. You accuse me of SLANDERING you....that's an offence you are accusing me of there isn't it...so you don't actually want anyone to speak or write freely their thoughts without you ... Read morecrying SLANDER and VICTIM...perhaps when the recruitment drive for the coming thought police begins you should apply.
Jennifer Pittman at 19:53 on 28 October
Erm, I think you've just proven my point actually!!! LOL!!!
Jeannie Armstrong at 19:58 on 28 October
Which point exactly was that then...I was married to a policeman for two decades and don't listen to mindless claptrap on the radio but with people like you and Gordon Brown around they'll no doubt be flogged in public and anti terror legislation will be introduced to deal with any future occurances!
Catherine Whale at 20:07 on 28 October
I TOTALLY agree with you Jeannie.
Jennifer Pittman at 22:31 on 28 October
I've just listened to the whole thing on You Tube........ I'm quite happy that my moral compass is in the right place. Despicable, purile and in any other industry would lead to immediate dismissal.
Jeremy Jacobs at 23:00 on 28 October
Wow, I go out for a while and look at this................

CherryPie said...

This twitter thread is a bit too long to follow (sorry).

Could you explain why you think they are not to blame for what happened?

Jeremy Jacobs said...

I never suggested they weren't to blame. Others though must take responsibility.

CherryPie said...

OK I see what you mean now :-)

I agree it should never have been broadcast, so yes the responsibility does have to be shared. But it does make me wonder what sort of people they are to have behaved in that way in the first place?

Jeremy Jacobs said...

I can understand Russell Brand pushing out the boundaries but Jonathan Ross.

What hasn't been reported is the reaction (if any) of the intended target. i.e the grand-daughter

Anonymous said...

So Jeremy, now's your big chance

James Higham said...

Ross has had it coming for some time, Jeremy. He egged the other on.

Anonymous said...

looks like another nail in the coffin of the licence fee...
Oi - I pay your wages...