Thursday, November 27, 2008

Demi Moore on LSQ TV

London, UK

Whilst I was interviewing Scott Maslen from Eastenders over at the Jermyn Street Theatre last night, the LSQ "fan-cam" was out and about elsewhere in the West End. Away from Leicester Square was the premiere of Flawless, starring Demi Moore who was there with hubby Ashton Kutcher. Here's the clip:

London: 26 November 2008
Flash Alert! Flash Alert!
A non-Leicester Square premiere tonight over at Odeon on Shaftesbury Avenue. Demi brought hubby Ashton Kutcher along tonight. They're the biggest stars visiting London tonight and thus are the focus for the photographing community, some of whom brought along their motor bikes so they could maximise tonight's production. A few fans were able to get front-row spots to get what few autographs were available. I was a couple of rows back due to covering the UGG Australia, Covent Garden store opening (see the video at elizabethtoni channel on You Tube)so you can get a sense of how busy it was. The scores of flash-equipped paps lit up the street when the perfect couple arrived and there was a real crush due to the lack of space and crowds of fans, photographers and passers-by who happened along for this once in a lifetime experience.

Stars in attendance:
Demi Moore
Natalie Dormer
Joss Ackland
Nathaniel Parker

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