Sunday, December 21, 2008

Top 10 Prophecies for 2009

London, UK

Before I outline my top 10 prophecies for 2009,let's see what I wrote this time last year about prophecies for 2008

Here are eight of those prophecies:

1. Arsenal to win the Premiership in England. - Wrong

2. Political unrest in China ahead of Olympic Games in Peking. - Correct

3. A Hollywood film star will die unexpectedly. - Heath Ledger

4. Some type of natural disaster in Central or South America. - Wrong

5. Republican Candidate to win the race for the White House. - Wrong

6. More terrorist atrocities in Middle East and elsewhere. - Mumbai, Sderot

7. Madeliene McCann will be found in Morocco or Algeria. - Wrong (so far)

8. Unrest in Belgium. - Could be argued

OK, here's my TOP 10 PROPHECIES FOR 2009:

A. Liverpool to win Premiership
B. Major car manufacturer to go under
C. Conservatives shatter Labour in an autumn general election
D. Sterling will bounce back in 2009
E. Major earthquake in southern hemisphere will kill thousands
F. Political change in Iran
G. Leading sports personality dies unexpectedly
H. U.S. President has mystery illness
I. Major train crash in France
J. Renowned world leader dies


Jeremy Jacobs said...

Just seen this at a "prophecy site"

Leaders Of Iran Will Take Iran Towards Misery & Destruction.

Obama Will Become The Next president Of America Who will change the Course Of America But Will Face Assassination attempt.

China Will Continue to Commit Worst Crimes against people of Tibet. It Will Face More Man Made & Natural Disasters. Chinese Goverment will Continue to Support Pakistan with Its Clandestine Nuclear Weapons Program.

Afgansitan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal Will continue to Be Unstable Nations with Corrupt Goverments.

Humans will Make Great Strides In Space Exploration, Scientific Advancements, Space Tourism in Next 10 Years From 2009.

Pakistan Iran Saudi Arabia Bangladesh & Islamic African Nations Will Continue to Give Bad Name to Islam & Muslims with Agenda Of Global Jehad.Saudi monarchy Will continue To fund dubious schools and "charities" throughout the Islamic world & organizations that would be hotbeds of Anti-Western, and especially, Anti-American, indoctrination. The Terrorist schools Will indoctrinate students in a virulent and extreme form of Islam, but also teach them to hate secular Western values & destroy Non Islamic cultures and Religions.

World Economy will Bounce Back From End Of 2009 & In 2010. People Around The World Will Soon Realize How Excessive Consumerism, & Greed Of America Uk & Oil Producing Nations Caused Collapse Of World Economies.

Followers Of Islam Christanity & Sikhism Will Continue To Suffer In Misery Ignorance Leading to Their Destruction because of distortion of their religions by their followers. Islam will Be Perceived As The Most Violent & Intolerant Religions Of The 21st century.Millions Of Muslims Will Die around the world in the times to Come fighting Global Jihad. It Will Be Punishment From Allah.

India will Make Great Strides In Science, Technology, Space Exploration, Genetic Engineering.

Pakistan Iran Saudi Arabia Bangladesh will Continue to Spread Terrorism & Islamic fundamentalism In USA UK France China Spain India Israel and Non Islamic Countries.

People around The World will come to India In search Of Truth, Spirituality, Holistic Healing, Ayurveda,Yoga, Wisdom & for Alternative Medicine.

India & China Will Make Great strides with their Strong Economies, More Employment ,Education from 2010.

Europe & America Will See Their Gradual Decline Of Their Influence In World Affairs. Crime & Violence will Increase In Western Countries.

Yoga & Spirituality Of India will See New Heights & Its Popularity will Soar In The World.

America Won't Be Superpower Anymore After 2020 Ad.

India's GDP Growth Will Come To New Lows of around 6% in 2009.

China will Be Great threat To India In times to Come.

Internal Security In India will Continue to be Bad & There will Be rise In Corruption. There will be More Terrorists Attacks On India Perpetrated by Pakistan & Bangladesh In The Future & Corrupt Politicians will Not protect its. citizens .Rich & Corrupt Will Try To Overtake Countries Reigns.

World Bank & International Monetary Fund Will Be Restructured.

Australia UK France Russia Will Continue to Practice Racism & Will Face Terrorist threats.

Man will Reach Moon Once Again after 2014 A.D.

Malyasia Indonesia will Be facing more Natural Disasters & Unrest.

More Companies Will Shut Business In 2009 & Unemployment Will Increase around the world.

World Oil Prices will Slide To New Lows Around & Less than $40 A barrel.

Saudi Arabia UAE Iran will Continue to Support Fund Islamic terrorism Around The World aimed at the Revival of Islams Global Ascendancy & Eventual Domination.

World Will Soon Begin to Realize that World Civilization Started With India & End With India in the Future.

Henry North London 2.0 said...

A black president was always going to be odds on for an assassination attempt

I'll add a rider to the prophecy It'll be perpertrated by a fundamentalist Christian bigot or organisation

second prophecy There might be a revolt in Zimbabwe or a mass migration

Jeremy Jacobs said...

You mean an 11th prophecy Henry!

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Received a complaint today about the list "So negative" the e-mail read. I disagree.

Colin Campbell said...

No prophecies, but Merry Christmas and see you around the web next year.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

very disappointing Colin

Henry North London 2.0 said...

NOURIEL ROUBINI, chairman of RGE Monitor and professor at New York University

WHAT HE SAID: There is going to be a recession next year ... The bursting of the housing bubble -- we have not seen it yet -- is going to lead to broader systemic banking problems. It is going to start with the subprime lenders ... and then it is going to be transmitted to other banks and financial institutions all over the country. -- September 7, 2006, speech to the International Monetary Fund

HIS PREDICTION FOR 2009: I expect that the recession will be very severe and that it won't be over before the end of 2009. And even though we might technically be out of recession in 2010, annual growth could be just 1.0% to 1.5% for several years if the credit crunch remains severe. I think there is a further 15% to 20% downside risk for global and U.S. stocks, and a further 15% to 20% downside risk for commodity prices. So 2009 will be a year of recession and deflation.

He obviously knew what he was talking about Almost to the point of complete accuracy

Jeremy Jacobs said...

We'll see.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

I notice Iain dale has just posted his 2009 prophecies:

Iain Dale's Diary: Ten Predictions for 2009

Louis said...

Gordon Brown will solve the financial crisis by putting £20 billion on a 33/1 shot at the 15.30 at Ascot. A short term success, the taxpayer has to pay £100 trillion to bail out the irresponsible bookie who took the bet.

Happy New Year!