Thursday, June 04, 2009

How To Make A Follow-Up Call

London, UK

Making a Follow up Call

Quite a few businesses like to send out literature before starting an intense cold-calling campaign. In this article, I am going to advise how to go about making a follow-up call after an advertising mail-drop.

Explain why you are calling, that you are following up on a mailing that was recently sent out. Do not ask them if they have any questions on the mail-out, or if they have read it as it could lead to embarrassment for the both of you. Give a short overview of your company and what you do. Interject pieces of information about their own company and why literature was sent to them in the first place. How you can do business together.

When the prospect starts to ask leading questions, now is the time to book an appointment. Explain that to answer their questions, you would need to know more about their business and that you are free at such-and-such a time to pop in. Perhaps you could bring in lunch to discuss it?

Do not ask them what date would be good for them as it is likely that no date is good for them. They are busy people. You need to MAKE the time yourself. This is why suggesting to bring in lunch is always a good idea as it is not only an incentive for them to meet you, but it is a great way of building rapport. After all, what is more intimate than eating a meal with a prospect? It can be far better for your chances than just a straight-forward sales meeting. It adds not only warmth to your meeting, but gives you an edge over your competitors.

“When something will help me, make me money or improve my personal or professional development then I can honestly say that I don’t know what the word ‘busy’ actually means?” – Mr. Coldcall.

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