Saturday, November 25, 2006

Ziggy the cat

Got into a container in Israel, then was transported from Haifa to Liverpool. He shot out of the container when it was opened at its final destination at a warehouse in Lancashire.

A lady from the RSPCA said that if the cat was micro-chiped, the owner would be found fairly quickly. Unfortunately, cats in Israel don't tend to be tagged in this way. However, I'm certain that with all the publicity, Ziggy will be seeing Eretz Yisroel once again.

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Anonymous said...

Jeremy, I have to get my head down for some serious studying now, but don't worry, while cats have 9 lives here, they have 9 dozen in Israel. Let's hope Dizzy soon turns up on your doorstep, having survived a few adventures.

Did you name him after Dizzy, btw?

Jeremy Jacobs said...

As we now know, it's Ziggy