Friday, November 03, 2006

Neville Jacobs

My father (above in Burma c. 1944, just after the battle of Kohima) is staying with me for a few days.

This afternoon, we spent an hour or so in Golders Hill Park, literally a stones throw from the Bull & Bush and close to Hampstead Heath. Despite the lowish temperature today, the cafe's terrrace is a bit of a sun-trap. On most days, for nine months a year, (if it's not raining) you'll see the great and good of Golders Green nattering away to various family members about all subjects under the sun.

Today, it was just pleasant to hear my father reminiscing about the immediate post-war years and how he would have spent time in the park with my sister. "It was such a long time ago", he remarked. He's right!


Anonymous said...

It's great that you can enjoy each other's company and remininsce. My father died four years ago, and I do miss him. So make the most of your father's company while you can.

Anonymous said...

My father, sadly now also deceased, returned from Burma in 1946 having been in the RA from the start and in the East End Docks during the Blitz. He didn't talk much about it but had to explain his refusal to enter The Dove public house in Hammersmith. He said he had ordered his first demob pint here and had been given a "half" by the landlord who asked him if he knew there had been a war on before retiring to the snug to sup pints and whiskey with his "regulars". He was wounded when he fell into a Japanese stake pit and went partially deaf from his exposure to gunfire in later years but knew he was much luckier than mates who had sailed for Singapore. We owe them so much.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

My father is still fighting fit at 90. Well he was before I served him breakfast this morning!

Thanks Sid. In fact,Dad had a schoolboy friend called Benny Cohen (65 Walsingham Road, Clapton,E5). He was lost at seas on one of the "Straith" ships

Anonymous said...

90 is impressive, let's hope longevity runs in the genes and you can equally look forward to the same good health. What is his secret, particularly with keeping his mind alert?

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Clean living, the sea air, good genes and not driving oneself mad