Sunday, December 03, 2006

Ziggy the cat (2)

Rachel Fletcher in Friday's Jewish Chronicle has updated a worried world.

Ziggy, the "container cat" (and subject of an earlier post here) is still trying to get back to Israel.

Fletcher writes, "The Cat Welfare Society of Israel, a registered branch of the RSPCA, is among Israeli charities making enquiries to see if the cat, now known as Ziggy - who travelled from Israel to Lancashire after being sealed in a cargo container - has owners in Israel".

There's also the The Cat Lovers Society of Israel.

"Lancashire County Council has started an emergency fund to raise the necessary £1700.00 for Ziggy's six-month quarantine. If owners are not found in Israel, efforts will be made to rehome him here".

Jewish Chronicle - December 1st.

I hope that those listed below can assist with Ziggy's repatriation to the Holy Land -

Iain Dale
Eastcliffe Richard
Melanie Phillips

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Anonymous said...

People love stories about cats almost as much as the weather. Let's hope Ziggy makes it.