Friday, December 22, 2006

What are the seven [7] best things you did this past year?

From James Higham........and these are mine

1] Bought a new computer and started blogging.
2] Agreed to trek in Feb 2007 for Breast Cancer Campaign (see my other blog)
3] Got involved in Blogpower with many of you.
4] Moved up the "meedja" ladder.
5] Didn't get another 3 points on my licence.
6] Had a fantastic weekend in Bordeaux in October and survived the Pyrennes in June!
7] Glad I didn't go to the World Cup.

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JonnyB said...

Hullo Jeremy. I don't really 'do' tags, but I ordered a ham off Len the Fish in the pub. I'd had a few beers at the time, and didn't remember after the event but I'm glad I did. It was bloody good ham.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

mmmmmm.thanks Johnny.

Well, they are a bit odd in Norfolk you know.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, we both have No 1 in common, I have just written up on this and forwarded it on.

Have a very happy Christmas.

James Higham said...

Supposed to be 7 tags, Jeremy but liked the Bordeaux binge.

[Of course you've learnt, since 1970, never to hold the boom for fear the boat will capsize. Glad to see you still with us.]