Thursday, February 01, 2007

5 Reasons why I blog - tagged by Daily Referendum

I've been tagged by Daily Referendum.

1. To meet new people.

2. To make the world a better place.

3. Having an ego the size of Tower Bridge, I need to tell the everybody everything.

4. To promote my various blogs and sites.

5. To get speaking engagements in the States.

Over to you Stefanie Sigurdson at , Tisha Best in Brussels , Ariel Waldman at Shake Well Before Use , Raincoaster and finally, the one and only Chase me Ladies


Tisha! said...

ha ha normally i detest memes.being tagged but this one was precisely along the lines of a post i was preparing! kewl thanks sweets xox

Tisha! said...

oh and all really good reasons to blog ^.^

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Of course. Make sure that you send this meme on to 5 buddies of yours. Dr Blogstein ought to be one.

Anonymous said...

I'm not thrilled about these things either, but I'll do this one; engtech is running a contest for "Best Why I Blog Post" so I might win stuff! But I'm not passing it on except to those who volunteer.