Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Getting traffic to your Blog

One way of doing this is by offering a quiz or meme and other questionnaires to others in the Blogosphere.

But, what do you do when confronted by the indifference, and sometimes rudeness of others? Stefanie at didn't have a problem the other day but Ariel Waldman did. These two lady bloggers were 2 of 5 I sent that " 5 reasons for Blogging" meme.

Should I ignore the Ariel's of this world, or should I have asked her permission to invade her space? After all, memes are the electronic equivalent of "junk snail mail".

What would you do?


Jeremy Jacobs said...

Well that meme is getting around. Just seen a great response at "Elective Detective"

Anonymous said...

Just saw your post here... sorry if I came off as rude, but to answer your question here, it all comes down to providing good content. As such, I chose to angle my post in a direction that I knew would be unique and something I could have fun with. Don't let my deceptive asshole-ness throw you off, I don't bite.

No hard feelings ;)