Friday, May 18, 2007

Public Speaking (Fear of)

Over at my main site, I've received an interesting comment concerning the fear of public-speaking. It's all to do with of adrenalin. Take a look at Christina's remarks. It may alter your view on your fear of public-speaking.


Crushed said...

Oddly, I don't actually get the adranelin rush until I'm actually speaking when I have to do these sorts of things.
I think it simply has to do with being used to speaking to groups of various sizes. It's fear of the unknown.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Well what's the worst that can happen?

Crushed said...

According to Desmond Morris- who I don't always agre with- it's that having eyes focussed on us alerts us to potential danger. Someone staring at us is giving us a challenge. Therefore standing in front of a lot of stares intimidates.
I must admit, I guess a buzz out of large audiences, but I know a lot of people who find it very threatening.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

AFAIAC, the more the merrier.

James Higham said...

J.P. Craig listed:

Develop an optimistic attitude toward speaking
Don't procrastinate preparing your speech
Set realistic goals
Realize the audience wants you to succeed
Direct your concerns at important issues. (Don't sweat the small stuff.)

but I feel the critical issue is that your audience is your friend and they are there to hear expert opinion.

Another factor and I'm not being facetious, is breathing - every thespian knows this. Diaphragm breathing does wonders for concentration, relaxation and confidence building.

Jeremy Jacobs said...


You must be psychic. Diaphragm breathing has been uppermost in myt activities over the past couple of weeks. Yoga can help too.

Unknown said...

I am so scared of presentations its not even funny... my heart feels like its beating inside my throat.. really loudly. Yet I always choose to present in a group assignment. If you remember the first 90secs by heart or have a good opener your body relaxes. The funny thing i that I used to be a presenter for television. But thats easier because you can cut and have a retake plus there are usually not hordes of people around.
If you do something you are scared of enough times, the fear subsides

Jeremy Jacobs said...

True, but just this evening at my advanced tv presenting course we discussed the merits of getting nervous. If it subsides, it usually means you're no interested in the audition or gig.