Thursday, May 03, 2007

Slow down you move too fast!

What an amazing post this is!
A "newbie" blogger by the name of Joanna Young from Edinburgh, has highlighted a very modern problem.
Don't know about you but I'm always buzzing around doing stuff. I know I must slow down, relax a bit more and so on. I've recently taken up yoga again and have toyed with the idea of some meditation.
What do you do to slow down?

Do you feel like you're rushing all the time? If so, you might not be imagining it. There's a story in the papers today on the pace of life in the world's cities. And it's 10% faster in 2007 than it was in the early 1990s.

The study is based on the speed that pedestrians walk at - which they say is a good measure of the pace of life in a city. Going so much faster is not good news. They reckon that people in fast moving cities are less likely to help other people and have higher rates of coronary heart disease. The fastest moving city is Singapore - where they take 10.55 seconds to walk 60ft. New York comes in at number 8 - slower than Dublin would you believe. Edinburgh was reassuringly slow at 13.29 seconds. You can find out the pace of life in your city here.

If you think you might be going too fast you can take the Quirkology test (by the guys that did the pace of life project).

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Jeremy Jacobs said...

OK, who's quirky enough to do the Quirkology test?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeremy, I'm glad you liked the post.

The survey was very interesting - though it took me a while to track down Quirkology as the source. Their site is well worth a look - a different slant on things plus some other quick surveys for those of you (= most of us!) who like that kind of thing.

Thanks again for the feedback - much appreciated by us 'newbies'...


Unknown said...

Thanks - it's a fun 'quirky' site indeed

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Mine's preety quirky too. But, self-praise is no recommendtion, is it.

Anonymous said...

It has something to do with our lifestyle indeed. Rushing on things is probably caused by the way our environment influences our actions. There's certainly no reason to move fast if we are not busy.

Anonymous said...

I think living in a city like New York in which people are always in a rush will surely influence the way we act. it's in our nature to adapt with our environment.