Monday, June 04, 2007

Israel's Six-day War, 40 years on

Honest Reporting has issued this special report.

How often do we hear on the BBC about the 19-year occupation by Jordan, or the living standards of Palestinians?


I'm grateful to Bagel Blogger in Australia for this piece from the New York Times.


My mother reminded me about the charity performance of the film "Fiddler on the Roof". She laid this on at the Carlton Cinema, Westgate-on-Sea and raised a lot of money for the Israel in 1967.


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

That's the best and fairest report I've seen in a long time.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

"best and fairest" something you wont see on the BBC.

(I wonder if Gaza reporter/supporter Johnston has been freed yet?)

CityUnslicker said...

Not often do you hear this. But even as commited an isralite as myself can see few excuses for the current behaviour in expanding the settler communities and assasinating the palestinian leaders.

Israel desperately needs some saner and calmer leaders right now.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

and the Arabs don't?

Tisha! said...

This nonsense is simple...

They can't stand to see that we prosper, succeed or even exist...tough shit we do we will

lehiot am hofshi bearetzaynu!

Love ya

Anonymous said...

Good point Jeremy.

Lord Nazh said...

heh CU, you think Israel needs calmer leaders?

What about the 4000+ rockets that hit Israel from the 'palisteneans'?

Actually Israel needs more leaders with the @#%@ to do what needs to be done.

Jeremy Jacobs said...


You star