Friday, August 03, 2007

Simon Weisenthal - Nazi Hunter

Last night I went along to see "I Have Never Forgotten You", the life and legacy of Simon Weisenthal. A quite moving bio-pic, beautifully narrated by Nicole Kidman.

The film was directed by Oscar winning Richard Trank and uses some previously unseen footage.

Hollywood reporter described it as a film....

that will be viewed by generations to come.

Let's hope so.

My concern is with the current generation and their attitude to the latest genocide in Sudan and the rhetoric from various "leaders" in the Middle East.


The Splund said...

The Splund will be looking this one out... Weisenthal's work was an absolute good - thanks to him scum like those who destroyed the Splund's Belgian ancestors in Belsen found justice. Wiesenthal will not be forgotten.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I. too, hope that generations to come see it and remember. My fear is that, now that the WW2 generation are dying out, and with so many other tragedies in the world, there is already a generation that doesn't understand the evil and horror of what happened. This is brought home to me daily as I read various blogs. What can be done, JJ?

Colin Campbell said...

We have to use whatever means possible to maintain the legacy of people like Weisenthal. I feel very powerless to address issues like Darfur. All we can do is to speak out. What about Mugabe. What will it take to get rid of these tyrants?