Monday, April 14, 2008

Political Speeches

London, UK

Boris Johnson, the Conservative Party candidate in the London Mayoral Election on May 1st, made a surprise visit to St John's Wood yesterday afternoon. After alighting from the Boris Bus he made a bee-line towards the gathering crowds outside a well-known tea room/restauarant. After shaking hands with a few hardy souls, including mine, he started making a speech "on-the-hoof".

In broad terms, I think he held the audiences attention, seemed to have good eye contact and re-emphasised a couple of points in his short speech of around five minutes and all without much "Ken bashing" too.

Yes, that's me at the back on the right, checking a text message!


Jeremy Jacobs said...

Boris made me laugh at one point. He said that if elected he'd ban alcohol from the Tube.
I think someone forgot to tell Boris that he was speaking in St John's Wood. People there tend to take a taxi or drive their Bentley back from a night out in the West End!

CityUnslicker said...

Always at the centre of things JJ!

I think Boris can be sure of a few votes from SJW...

Jeremy Jacobs said...

"Always at the centre of things JJ!"

Typical Leo!

Anonymous said...

You certainly are Jeremy.